It is our duty as Catholics to resist COVID-19 Tyranny and the Virus Mass

by Don Elia

A Catholic Priest

All totalitarian regimes, in order to assert their unconditional power, impose on the people a conglomeration of rules that are so absurd as to be ridiculous, so useless and unreasonable; the important thing is that people submit without argument, which can cause very serious trouble.

In the present case, however, there is little to laugh about, given the damage caused by the rules of containment to all areas of individual and collective life: collapse of industrial production, growing poverty, suffocating social control, climate of fear and suspicion, deteriorating relationships, emotional isolation, psychosomatic illnesses… In such conditions the individual ends up feeling helpless, vulnerable, unprotected and is therefore pushed to take refuge in the apparent security offered by an authority which, in reality, no longer operates for its actual good, but only to its own advantage, to maintain power for the benefit, in the final analysis, of those who manoeuvre it from behind the scenes.

Of course, there will still be those who will still label these speeches as a form of conspiracy, but history teaches us that a regime cannot impose itself or maintain itself without the support of a financial oligarchy that feeds it to achieve its own hidden purposes.

Independent information, in such a context, is an indispensable weapon of defense. It is now clear that we are victims of an enormous media manipulation that has exaggerated the problem with the effect of creating panic, but continues to disseminate incorrect data on the health situation, so as to make an objective evaluation practically impossible. The systematic effort to discredit opinions contrary to the official version appears suspicious to say the least, also taking into account the fact that the members of the unquestionable Scientific and Technical Committee certainly do not shine by competence, given that their names occupy very low positions in the H-Index, the ranking that orders the authors according to the impact of their contributions on the scientific literature. It is not at all difficult to explain their appointment with purely political reasons, as soon as one examines their ideological orientations, which have very little to do with science. Those who do not profess the “creed” of the dominant thought (gender, globalism, immigrationism, reproductive health, dignity of dying, etc.) do not have the slightest chance in this system.

In the legitimate and rightful attempt to acquire truthful knowledge of the current situation, however, one cannot avoid vigilance and discernment, in order to avoid falling into the traps set for those who, mistrusting official lies, seek lies elsewhere. Sites are beginning to appear in which nothing but regime propaganda passed off as alternative information is spread, but there is also no shortage of those who spread colossal hoaxes to discredit those who instead work seriously; the documented statements of competent journalists, then, are often deliberately deformed in a tendentious way to undermine their reliability. However, there are facts that are difficult to challenge, if you consider the amount of news about it: from projects of planetary scope called 5G, Bluebeam, ID 2020, to the declared desire to vaccinate the world population (with findings that would modify the human genome, cause cancer and make them all traceable) by a virus created in a molecular biology laboratory and regularly patented. Each of these subjects would deserve its own research.

This investigation, however necessary it may be, in turn hides another trap, this time of a spiritual nature. The danger, here, is to let oneself be sucked into the analysis of earthly reality and lose sight of the supernatural horizon. The masses of information, the laughter of hypotheses, the skein of conflicting opinions are a labyrinth from which one risks never coming out again, forgetting the presence of God in history, who governs everything with His providence and guides events towards the triumph of His kingdom. He extends His invincible Hand to protect those who believe in Him with sincere faith, await with unshakeable hope the fulfillment of His promises and assiduously practice active charity. He sends the Angels to guide them, protect them and watch over them; He wants the intercession of the Saints and welcomes their prayers; He chooses fervent souls who offer themselves to Him to draw graces to others… in a few words, He deploys all His resources to help them with the help of the creatures closest to Him. It is upon this extraordinary reality that we must fix our minds and hearts not to succumb, but also not to do wrong to the Creator.

The correct cooperation between nature and grace requires man to play his part in identifying and avoiding dangers, but he is constantly asking for both the inner light to recognize them with certainty and face them in the right way, and the supernatural force to successfully oppose threats. Although the cardinal virtues cannot be treated in depth here, it seems clear from the available data that the first decision to be taken will be the rejection of the announced vaccine and swabs, which are far from safe and easily exploitable means to make huge profits from the health crisis. It is neither lawful nor legal to force citizens to undergo a particular medical treatment; moreover, it makes no sense to do so with those who have not shown any symptoms. Serological testing for plasma donation by cured people cannot be carried out except on a voluntary basis, either.

Beyond what can be humanly understood, however, the primary resource to resist remains prayer, which is indispensable both to develop the supernatural virtues and to increase the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The more one prays, the more sensitive one becomes to the Divine Voice that resounds in the depths of a pure conscience: Audiam quid loquatur in me Dominus Deus (I will listen to what the Lord God says in me; Ps 84:9). The humble, persevering plea to the Almighty also communicates an invincible strength over human powers: only he who kneels before God knows how to stand before men.

In particular, in the present moment, one must oppose the iniquitous provisions concerning communion. We absolutely cannot give in on what we have most precious of all: not expedit! If we let the Lord be treated in this way, how far will His enemies dare to go? In the Eucharist the Redeemer still surrenders himself to men, but not to be outraged and crucified again, but to feed them for eternal life. I therefore beseech my brother priests not to apply the norms and not to allow themselves to be intimidated by human decrees rather than by divine judgment: we will have to account for much more than others!

Do we really or not believe in the protection that the Lord grants His faithful ministers? And is it not an honor to suffer for Him, if any? “They left the Sanhedrin with joy, for they were considered worthy to be outraged for the name of Jesus” (Acts 5:41). How will we be able, on the day of death, to look up with confidence to the heavenly Judge, if we have feared the earthly judges more? How can we still say: “The Body of Christ”, in delivering it as a despicable object? How can we continue to preach His word pretending to be taken seriously? No, my brethren, we cannot give up on what is so serious. Why not all together, every day, invoke Mary Help of Christians and Saint Michael the Archangel to defend and guard the Church? They will answer us immediately: try to believe. Array of Angels and Saints fight with us against the demonic hordes and their human allies. Learn to celebrate in the traditional rite and you will become warriors of the King of Kings, of that Crucified One who, risen, triumphed by ascending to heaven, having received all power in heaven and on earth.

And you, dear faithful, do not be discouraged, but insist that Holy Communion be given to you in a proper manner: it is your sacred right, which no one in the world can trample on! Prove yourselves worthy of Him who for you has suffered death on the Cross and give Him all the honour you can. If you really cannot obtain what you ask, offer a novena to the Holy Spirit, through the intercession of Mary Help of Christians, so that He may make you find a priest who will communicate to you properly. There are many more of them than appear, but they are scattered a bit everywhere and, out of necessity, discreet, since the first ones to fear are often their superiors. Do not judge priests who do not consent to you, but pray for them, so that they may convert or take courage, even with the supernatural prudence necessary not to be put out of play. Divine Wisdom suggests unthinkable solutions when the sheep invoke it in faith for their Pastors. As a last resort, communion can be given outside of Mass, but the best answer remains, in this case, a necessary resistance, which will be all the more effective the more extensive and generalized.

O Mary, powerful Virgin, great and illustrious defense of the Church! Thou, wonderful help of Christians; Thou, terrible as an army in battle; Thou, who alone destroyed all the heresies in the world; Thou, in anguish, in struggle, in need, defending us from the enemy and, at the hour of death, take us to Heaven! (by St. John Bosco)

Sancte Michaël Archangele, defende nos in proelio; contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium. Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur: tuque, Princeps militiae caelestis, Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos, qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo, divina virtute in infernum detrude (Leone XIII).
In Deo faciemus virtutem; et ipse ad nihilum deducet tribulantes nos (In Dio faremo cose potenti; egli stesso ridurrà a nulla coloro che ci affliggono; Sal 59, 14).

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2 thoughts on “It is our duty as Catholics to resist COVID-19 Tyranny and the Virus Mass”

  1. Excellent piece!! If I were a priest, I would NEVER let a State employee (especially a governor) tell me how I must mistreat the Holy and Real Presence of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word made flesh, even if such commands came from an Angel or a Bishop.

    And since I am a layman, I will do my part in refusing to attend the sacrilegous occasions in which priests decide to follow such evil commands.

  2. Paul said it clearly, we haven’t resisted until we have resisted unto blood. The day when we either deny Jesus Christ or face a painful death will surely come. We need to pray now for the moral courage to make the right decision.

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