Riots in Minneapolis, USA, after Police kill handcuffed unarmed citizen

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5 thoughts on “Riots in Minneapolis, USA, after Police kill handcuffed unarmed citizen”

  1. Don’t want to think of what could (or should) happen to those police officers. Divine Justice.

    But when you let tyrants trample on your constitutional rights, expect tyranny, expect blood shed.

    Why did the people of Minneapolis have to see one of their locals die under the knee of a cop to get this mad as hell?

    1. Any police force which is trained to put their knees on necks needs to be disbanded. But it happens. The US boarder guard is so trained, and simply for disagreeing with their crowd managment ideas, you can get killed by them.

  2. The police, no matter how well intentioned they may be personally, are not there to first serve the public, they are there to first serve the mayor and the city to whom they owe their job and their pay check. That is with rare exception the best we can expect. From there it gets worse as there will always be hate filled angry cops who will take out that anger on anyone in which they find opportunity. This cop should be charged with murder and if this kind of abuse has been tolerated in the past, the mayor should be terminated.

  3. Looks like satan is moving back to unarmed blacks being killed by police in US, and maybe mass shootings next. I don’t think they have reported/or he has created, any mass shootings since March, when he began the Covid.

  4. The Mayor (Mr Frey) is astonished the copper wasn’t immediately jailed and is calling for it and for more eyewitnesses to bring their filming forward – this is a good thing. Those cops had already been in bad trouble in the past for brutality… the news has published the coppers names…

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