General Pappalardo announces this week’s events for Gilet Arancioni

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is clear by now that General Pappalardo is leading a movement supported by unions and libertarian movements, all of the center left, with a certain appeal to Christians but nothing specific. But the manner of elections, which were first proposed simply to insist the government resign, now seem to be aimed rather at electing a parallel Parliament, which will claim sovereign powers on the basis of popular support. It is a political gamble, if they cannot mobilize large swaths of the electorate to achieve a true Orange Revolution.

On May 30, at 10 A.M., in 30 piazzas of Italy (in this video, he says 37), the Gilet Arancioni will hold popular assemblies to vote on a resolution to call for the resignation of the government of Giuseppe Conte, on the grounds that they were elected unconstitutionally according to the judgement of the Italian Corte Constituzionale in 2014. Second, on a provisional charter to establish a constitutive assembly to govern the country until October, with named candidates. I imagine the names of candidates will all be members of the Gilet Arancioni.

So, in the name of restoring the constitution, the General appears to be working toward the establishment of a one party state, knowingly or not.

In fact in this video from yesterday, the head of the State Secret Police at Ragusa, in Italy, accused the movement of intending to hold anti-constitutional meetings:

The place of the meeting here at Rome for May 30 is the Piazza of the Santi Apostoli, which can only hold a few hundred at the most. So how such a gathering can represent or even aim to represent all of Lazio is difficult to understand.

The original website no longer seems to function. There are now two sites, and which I have seen referred to in videos produced by the movement. Both of which are collecting votes, but it is not clear if they are doing so separately or jointly.

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What interests me, in addition, is that in the above video, there is featured in an extremely prominent position, the book by Alan Friedman, “Questa non è L’Italia”, The position of this book seems to indicate an endorsement. But if you are thinking the name Alan Friedman is familiar, you are correct. He is an American Jew, a former adviser to Jimmy Carter, who moved to Italy.

As an Italian by descent on both sides, as a Franciscan, and as a Cultural Anthropologist, I really wonder how Friedman came to write a book telling Italians in Italian what Italy should be, seeing that he is after all an American and a Jew. And what is his book doing on the table of the Gilet Arancioni at such an important meeting? It makes you doubt strongly that General Pappalardo has nationalistic intentions of an Italian character. No Italian I know of would cite such a source for a patriotic movement, as Alan Friedman.

To learn more about Friedman, here is the author blurb from IBS books, on Friendman, in English translation. The original is in Italian.

Alan Friedman, an American journalist who has chosen to live in Italy, was a very young contributor to the administration of President Jimmy Carter, correspondent for the “Financial Times”, correspondent for the “International Herald Tribune”, columnist for the “Wall Street Journal” and producer and host of numerous television programmes in Great Britain, the United States and Italy, where he worked for Rai, Sky Tg24 and La7.

Among his books, Tutto in famiglia (1988), La madre di tutti gli affari (1993), Il bivio (1996).

In 2014 Rizzoli published “Ammazziamo il gattopardo”, an analysis of the economic, political and social situation in Italy and his ideas for overcoming this crisis; in 2015 he published “My way. “Berlusconi tells Friedman.” In 2017 Newton Compton publishes “This is not America”, in 2018 “Ten things to know about the Italian economy before it is too late”, in 2019 “This is not Italy. Secret stories and shocking truth behind the new face of our country.”

I do not know what is more amazing, that Friedman calls Italy, “our country” or that Pappalardo should put his book in such a prominent position in the above video. It makes you think that the Gilet Arancioni mean something more than oranges of Sicily by their choice of the color orange.

Friedman’s biography on Wikipedia shows that he has worked exclusively with hard-left wing news organizations throughout his entire career, and has been lauded by journalist organizations, which are also hard left. He also played a role in the attempt to undermine the government of the Ukraine and is named in the so-called Ukraine-Gate as an associate of Paul Manafort.

As someone who is by blood half-sicilian and who has lived in Sicily for several years, I can assure you that no Sicilian would cite an an authority on Italy a book written by an American who was not an Italian. It makes no sense. I can only conclude that Friedman is a financial or political adviser of the Gilet Arancioni, and that therefore the Democrat Party in the USA might be the hand behind the curtain here.

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FromRome.Info has in previous weeks twice requested an interview with leaders of the Gilet Arancioni here in the Region of Lazio, but as of the time of the publication of this story, no reply was received. I do not need to say that I am not surprised. The promotion of Friedman’s book comes a day after the General announced the expulsion of “Fascist elements” from his party. If you are familiar with America politics, you can perhaps begin to see the picture.

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