Political Protests in Italy, May 30, 2020

Milano, i Gilet Arancioni con il Generale Pappalardo



Milano, i Gilet Arancioni con il Dario Orgoglio


Dario propone una visione di storia molto strana: dice che i conflitti tra Mussulmani e Cristiani sono trucci dei potenti che vogliano controllo questo mondo!


Una visione migliore di tutti i Gilet Arancioni a Milano


Cagliari, Mascherine Tricolore







Roma, Piazza del Popolo: Popolo libero e sovrano



Roma, Casa Pound prova entrare la Piazza degli Santi Apostoli



Roma, “Siamo Desperati” prova ad entrare la Piazza dei Santi Apostoli


Rome, i Gilet Arancioni prova arrivare alla Piazza degli Apostoli


Roma, i Gilet Arancioni provano arrivare alla Piazza dei Santi Apostoli


Roma, I Gilet Arancioni nella Piazza dei Santi Apostoli



Genova, i Gilet Arancioni



Firenze, Gilet Arancioni



Torino, i Gilet Arancioni





Napoli, i Gilet Arancioni




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4 thoughts on “Political Protests in Italy, May 30, 2020”

  1. As the MSM are ignoring this event & there is no translation attached to the videos, can you please give an estimation of how many people showed up?

    1. At Milan there seems to have been several thousand. At Naples a hundred or so, at Caligari likewise, At Genoa similarly. At Turin near a thousand. At Rome, in each group shown, a hundred or so, maybe more for the Gilet arancioni. These are only some of the 40 protests against the Government today. There will be more tomorrow and on June 2, the National Holiday.

      1. Thank you. It seems a bit of a let-down for General Pappalardo though. I’m sure he was hoping for a big crowd overall, it being Saturday as well. We’ll see how Tuesday turns out.

      2. I think it is clear that on June 2 he will not have a million at Rome. And if he tries to do a sit in, he and his will all be arrested as soon as the time for the scheduled protest ends.

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