Rioters destroy HQ of CNN in Atlanta, Georgia


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9 thoughts on “Rioters destroy HQ of CNN in Atlanta, Georgia”

  1. You almost want to celebrate this one. Protests have also erupted in San Francisco and Los Angeles and they have been pretty intense. The problem with these two major cities is that prisons and jails are already saturated. The police can’t arrest too many people, so it’s basically going to be a very bloody and violent situation.

      1. It all depends on who has the guns. Our country would be better off if everyone thought everyone was armed—in my opinion. I think everyone would be nicer to one another.

    1. We should all favor the spirit of these “prison” riots. We have all been locked in a Progressive Prison and we need to escape. We need to escape the clutches of this devilish monsters in both Church and State.

      1. I think the violence has a lot to do with that, but the Globalists want the violence so they can take away more liberties. Its all part of the LockStep plan by the Rockefellers back in 2010

  2. I find it very interesting that a CNN bldg was targeted. While losing on every other front with massive layoffs perhaps the victim image is the only hope they have left to project?

    1. It is very useful to Soros to attack CNN because you get better coverage on TV that way. He is the financier behind Black Lives Matter, which is exploiting this situation.

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