Allen Dulles, who was he? and whom did he serve?

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This is a must watch video on the history of the CIA. It explains how the CIA was operative in the assassination of Pope John Paul I, and also sheds light on why the successor of that pope worked so closely with the CIA and made one of Dulles’ nephews a Cardinal. Dulles was a relative of the Rockefellers, who with Bill Gates are now pushing the Corona Stunt, a stunt fully endorsed by Bergoglio.

After watching this video, I think that you might be able to see that Vatican II and the entire chaos in the Church in the last 70 years might have a lot to do with Allen Dulles and his vision for the world and his deep life long collaboration with freemasonry and the Nazi Party. It may also explain where Trad Inc. gets its money and why they refuse to admit Bergoglio is a heretic or uncanonical.

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4 thoughts on “Allen Dulles, who was he? and whom did he serve?”

  1. Avery Cardinal Dulles, in his youth, was on the scene when Father Feeney began publicly preaching the dogma of no salvation outside the Church in Boston. Not long after, Father Feeney was viciously attacked, and ultimately “excommunicated”, and of course young Avery rose quickly through the ranks.

    1. Avery was probably a CIA agent or at least de facto such. When I have visited Richmond NH, I found a lot of visitors there, who were not members of the community, seem to be Government Agents and provocateurs. This video shows that the Dulles Family is one of the member of the aristocracy of the Masonic Deep State which runs the USA and all its foreign policy. I would not be surprised to find that Dulles did Feeney in. You might be able to find out by doing a Freedom of Information Act request to the CIA and State Department for all documents in which the name of Feeney and Dulles appear, as they should all be declassified by now.

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