Father Anthony Hannon: Catholics, do not comply with the Corona Controls!

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6 thoughts on “Father Anthony Hannon: Catholics, do not comply with the Corona Controls!”

  1. Helpful commentary. Thank you.
    As a law-abiding citizen, I do not wish to have my government doing contact tracing. Should I be asked, I will say I have been home and spoken to no one. Non-compliance is actually part of law. There are laws that speak to the nullity of any law which is defied in large numbers by the population. That act means it has been rejected by the people, and can be considered null. This is something we need to do. As a free people, this is our right. Do not fear the government. Those people are there on your behalf. You put them there, and you can take them out. They should issue “guidelines” and never “rules”.
    Remember, you are their boss, they, are not yours. Remind them of this if you need to.
    God be with us, as we come out of the Covid nightmare into a fresh, new one.

  2. Also, the Pope and the bishops had a right to remind the government that the Church is not under the jurisdiction of the church. The Church has historically not closed, not ended the Mass for any reason.
    They allowed the government to close the church, effectively putting the state over the church by their actions. That is done.
    The church had the responsibility to remind the state of that, but making some adjustments voluntarily. They not only did exactly as told, they added to the restrictions, and have proven they fear the virus for themselves far more than they care about the spiritual needs of the people. They have utterly, and completely, failed.
    They also allowed the Holy Mass to be deemed “non-essential”.
    This too, is disastrous.
    Thank you so much for your teaching and good words here. I did enjoy what you had to say. God be with you.

  3. I’m sorry, an error, it should say “the church is not under the jurisdiction of the STATE”.

  4. Good point made about the bishops acting like the pharisees. Pretending to be law-abiding men in society, but their embarrassingly obvious hypocrisy has gone to the extreme of lording it over the Church like tyrants.

  5. I have decided not to attend my local parish as the archdiocese is requiring the wearing of masks and refusing communion on the tongue. I am feeling guilty for running away rather that refusing to comply. I don’t want to cause trouble for my pastor but feel he is betraying Jesus by obeying unjust and spiritually damaging laws. I appreciate all you do, and may God bless you.

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