The Death of Pope John Paul I

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Remember, that Pope John Paul I had been the Patriarch of Venice, and he was elected primarly because the Church Bank which served the priests and religious of his region of Italy had been brought to bankrupcy by the Vatican Bank. He promised as Pope to clean up the Vatican Bank, and if he went ahead he would have surely discovered who had accounts in that bank. If those accounts belonged to the CIA or its operations, his elimination would become a political necessity. So let us examine what happened to Pope John Paul I, widely seen as the liberal successor to Paul VI.

First let us review the official Vatican line of what happened and why. Please listen to the entire Rome Reports, which can always be counted on to give you the approved narrative on any topic.

Who is John Magee mentioned in this short video? the papal a secretary who met with Pope John Paul I when, it is said, he felt a strong chest pain? His biography sheds some light on this. He was befriended by Pope Paul VI, who leading Italian historians say was a flagarant sodomite. And once a bishop, Magee was accused of not taking proper legal action to about priests in his diocese who raped boys. Magee also seems to have been close to the IRA, in the person of Bobby Sands.

Why may this been important? Because the IRA seems to have been one of the stay-behind organizations run and supported by the CIA, which in popular literature is called operation Gladio, though that was the code name only for the operations in Italy.

Thus, there is strong motive to believe that John Magee was a CIA operative. And if so, the heart-attack of Pope John Paul I may have not been an accident. Indeed, as Corbett reports, the death of John Paul I was orchestrated by a CIA asset, at the direction of Dulles’ deep state intelligence network. Dulles’ nephew was made a Cardinal by Pope John Paul II, whose election was made possible by the death of John Paul I, and who himself went one to collaborate with the CIA to wash funds to the Solidarity movement in Poland, to bring down the communist government.

As far as we are concerned about current events in the Vatican, involving the St. Gallen Mafia, I have previously observed that John Paul II promoted all the key members of that group to the dignity of the Cardinalate, from the leader Cardinal Daneels to Cardinal Bergoglio. This may explain why Bergoglio was so willing to canonize John Paul II, and may also explain why the entire political establishment of the West and Trad inc. continues to refuse any investigation into how Bergoglio came to power.

Please note, that I am not saying that the CIA has been controlling the Vatican for decades, but I think the question needs to be kept on the table.

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5 thoughts on “The Death of Pope John Paul I”

  1. Perhaps the most important member, if not the original leader, of the St. Gallen Mafia was Cardinal Maria Martini who was appointed archbishop of Milan, one of the largest and most important Sees, by JPII a little more than a year into his pontificate.

    Another key figure in this era of Vatican intrigue is American Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, head of the Vatican Bank (appointed by Paul VI despite NO experience) and official Catholic money launderer from 1971-1989. His tenure resulted in the Vatican paying out 145 million euros in settlement to creditors. He is accused by some authors of being responsible for the murder of JPI. Interestingly, a journalist investigating him was murdered in 1979. Also, anyone involved in the killing of the pope knew no autopsy would be done.

    Marcinkus, apparently, thwarted a 1982 assassination attempt of JPII in Fatima on 12 May 1982 (a year before–13 May 1981–a previous assassination attempt resulted in JPII being shot). In June 1982, financier Roberto Calvi (a Marcinkus accomplice) was found “suicided” in London, a killing connected to Propaganda Due. Considering JPII only became pope in October 1978, he was targeted pretty quickly. Marcinkus was ordained in Chicago, the Mafia hub in the USA. He was fingered by the nephew of mobster Lucky Luciano (Anthony Raimondi) as an accomplice in JPI’s murder. Marcinkus was never brought to justice. Kind of like McCarrick and Hillary Clinton.

    Another tidbit: MOST of the St. Gallen Mafia and many of the corrupt leaders of the Catholic Church have a very common education background: the Pontifical Gregorian University. It appears to be a stepping stone to power like Harvard University.

    1. This recent report by a mobster is simply not credible as it contains several principle errors of fact, that show he was not there and had nothing to do with it.

  2. Just wondering if you ever read or heard of David Yallop’s book
    “In God’s Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I”
    When I found out in 1978 he had died I had a funny feeling about this–I really liked this Pope. If you have read it, what do you think of it? Thanks.

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