Matteo Salvini in diretta da Roma


Quanto bello vedere tutti sottomessi alla politica di Conte con la mascherina!

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One thought on “Matteo Salvini in diretta da Roma”

  1. Whit Tuesday
    2 June, A. D. MMXX

    Well the Italians have really lost it, just like my poor people in the Northeast, U S A. Poor folk, running around en masse wearing those stupid masks. Salvini, ever amusing, really needed to seize the moment and take a match to that stupid mask.

    Matteo! Matteo: We love you! Torch that Mask!

    As the valiant Archbishop Vigano says today:

    “Modernism and Covid-19 are part of the same brand, and for anyone who has their gaze towards the transcendent it is not difficult to understand that the greatest fear of those who want us to believe that the race towards the abyss is both unavoidable and unstoppable is that we will not believe them, ignore them, and unmask their conspiracy.”

    Did ya’ll get that? “”Modernism and Covid-19 are part of the same brand….”

    Darn straight.

    He might just as well have added:

    Modernism and Covid-19 and Antipope Francis are part of the same brand.

    I think the good archbishop knows it. He knows it well.

    B. B.

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