Pope Benedict XVI: Half a resignation is no resignation

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3 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI: Half a resignation is no resignation”

  1. Pentecost Tuesday, 2nd June A. D. MMXX

    The spiritual mandate.

    What else is there?

    I love this fellow’s direct approach. Funny how you never hear a cardinal talk straight. The first 30 seconds were excellent.

    C. B.
    P. S. Frankly, I hope I can make it thru one hour and 45 minutes some time later today. If I do I’ll give a two minute summary, although I hope someone beats me to it.

  2. This is just a very long-winded reappraisal of hundreds of articles outlining the many reasons that the papal resignation of PBXVI is null & void & that he is still the holder of the Keys. Let us cut to the chase & say once & for all that :
    PBXVI has no authority to bifurcate the Divinely instituted Papacy.
    PBXVI has no authority to change his title to Pope Emeritus.
    PBXVI had not authority to say the PO was vacant & call for a conclave.
    PBXVI had an absolute right to intervene when he saw the disastrous route AF was taking the Church but omitted to do so, e.g.
    Idolatry in Vatican.
    Secret agreement with CCCP & betrayal of 7 million Chinese Catholics.
    AF’s attempt to Islamise Europe.
    Abu Dhabi Declaration that say God desires all religions which trashes CC dogma EENS.
    Denying existence of Hell.
    Saying Jesus was only a holy man thereby denying His Deity.
    He could also have admonished AF for:
    Accepting a Communist crucifix.
    Inability to sort out IOR.
    Not supporting Cardinal Pell.
    Not sorting the Homo heretics & pederasts within the CC.
    Hobnobbing with infidels, schismatics of all hues, abortionists & appointing sodomites to high positions in the Church.

    If Truth is really desired among our Prelates, Catholic Media & Laity then it must be made clear to PBXVI that his Authority as Pope is still maintained by him & he must make this vocal, call AF a heretic we are not to follow & consecrate Russia in accordance with Our lady’s wishes. The buck stops with him & him only. The Church will only function again when he does. We continue to pray for this outcome.

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