2 thoughts on “Riots, Mayhem, Arson grip USA”

  1. It’s good to know we have these many grunts available to be drafted for our next big war.

  2. These clips were obviously very biased left leaning reports. BBC is notoriously politically pro Democrat. The violence in these riots are George Soros’ handiwork. Even in our Capital city here in NC several protesters that were arrested were NOT from NC. Trump is correct in pointing out the differences in peaceful and violent protesters here. The economy was just opening up post Corona hype and people were getting out and this truly tragic death in Minn was just the trigger for chaos for the Antifa groups to agitate and cause riots. The devastating economic impacts of these things cannot be underestimated. This is coordinated. We must intensify our prayers against this spirit of evil. Fasting, prayer and penance!

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