Barnhardt, Dockerty & Mazza: How Benedict has defeated Francis

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In this 1.5 hour program, Ann Barnhardt, Mark Dockerty and Dr. Mazza talk a second time on the Question of Pope Benedict’s Resignation.

While they speak on the assumption that a Pope can legitimately separate the Papal Office from the Office of the Bishop of Rome, against which I present a sound and definitive argument, from Apostolic Tradition, they end up concluding substantially with my thesis, How Benedict as defeated “Francis”, that the Declaratio was done to defend the Church and deceive the St. Gallen Mafia.


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3 thoughts on “Barnhardt, Dockerty & Mazza: How Benedict has defeated Francis”

  1. That cannot be correct. Clemens V validly moved the papacy from Rome to Avignon only to return after 70 years..

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