Mike Church: There is a revolution on, now, in the USA


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One thought on “Mike Church: There is a revolution on, now, in the USA”

  1. I think we can conclude there is no hope for maintaining the union of the states as we have known it without a very deep and major spiritual awakening that once again unites us as a people.

    2000 years of Church History tells us of a continuous battle to Subdue and keep in check the World’s System of “Babylon” or “Egypt,” by the Salvation message of the Gospel of Christ, without it being corrupted by the World System, is illustrated so well in Old Israel’s eventual corruption and resulting bondage in Egypt that followed its original glorious influence over Egypt under Joseph — but then also its final deliverance.

    The Church, (New Israel) after 2000 years in contest with the world system called “Babylon,” to create and maintain a Christian Culture (the fulfillment of, at least in part, of the second line of Our Lord’s Prayer) is in these very dark days of these End Times being specifically warned to “come out of her My people . . . that you be not partakers of her plagues.” That can only mean that rather than influencing and dominating the World System, the World System of Babylon has infected and come to dominate us, the Church itself! Christians worldwide have now come into near complete bondage to Babylon, the world’s immoral economic and political system and it parallels the bondage that Old Israel experienced in Egypt after its first period of influence over Egypt under Joseph.

    The Christianization of the Western world’s economic and political system, won by the faithfulness and blood of the martyrs, was a monumental blessing to the Church and it allowed Salvation faith to spread throughout pagan Europe and throughout the world (modern “Egypt”). But with the comfort of the Church that lost its first love, there “arose a Pharaoh that knew not Joseph.” He saw now in a far less loving and a divided Christianity, fighting one another, the perfect opportunity to build his great Western political and military world empire in order to began using and dominating the Church rather than the Church using and dominating him! They of course eventually had to created a deceitful debt money system to stealthily rob us of our wealth to fund their antiChrist plans outside the external democratic systems adopted in the West, under their Deep State “Shadow Government.” They then had get us to fight their wars, which they created to destroy Christian civilization and create their world military empire (the BEAST), which they sold to us under the name of Western “Christian” Civilization and for the spreading of “Democracy” worldwide, even though Christianity and individual freedom was subtly and slowly being removed from every aspect of it. Moral decay then inevitably swept into our churches, its leaders and members. Our moral collapse inevitably led to full subjugation through the threat of terrorism.

    Out of our fear of “terrorism” (which we now know was of their own making) and having already lost much of our faith in God over our new found trust in government as the solution to everything that threatened us, we quite happily gave up most of our God given rights under “the Patriot Act.” Pharaoh then, using a falsely hyped virus (which they also created!) took all the rest of our rights. Now, finally fully enslaved, we’ve been having to make Pharaoh’s bricks for their New World Order even without straw, having shut down our independent businesses, bankrupting them, and even having shut down our churches, and now having launched an open reign of terror against us in the streets of our cities. This BEAST must be destroyed or it will destroy us!

    DELIVERANCE ULTIMATELY WILL COME but as Israel’s deliverance from Egypt was a long (7-10 months) and difficult process which involved their own severe chastisement extending into the first 3 plagues before they were willing to listen to God through Moses so the Church must also undergo a complete humbling and very painful chastisement and repentance before we will be worthy of deliverance:

    “You [My people] shall seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your Heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

    “If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chron. 7:14

    This division among Christians, Catholic and non-Catholic, over which we lost our “savor” or influence in the world, leaving us in our own “Christian” ghettos, MUST END! That unity will not come until we begin humbly living and walking in the wisdom and Holy Spirit of God as did the Early Church in the Book of Acts, forsaking our own carnal wisdom and rash judgments and honestly facing every call to truth, regardless of how painful that might be! There are leaders God is raising up for His people toward restoring us and you will know them by their uncompromising bold confrontation with evil in complete faith and trust in God, because only in TOTAL FAITH in Jesus Christ can any of us fully love as Christ did and manifest the unmistakable power of God so desperately needed to draw. men back to faith.

    The “Christianity” that merely has the form of Godliness while DENYING ITS POWER MUST END. IT MUST BE CALLED A FRAUD. And those who promote such WE ARE TO REJECT as St. Paul orders us to do! 2 Timothy 3:5

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