Letter from the Editor: For your advantage

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Sometimes God wills problems arise so that solutions prevail. If you have had the charity to be a supporter of FromRome.Info, you know that your support has been processed through PayPal to Ordo Militaris Inc., a US Corporation for the defense of Christians.

Yesterday without warning PayPal cancelled their services to Ordo Militaris Inc. From what I know from others to whom this has happened recently, PayPal has begin a program of attempting to silence independent Media which bucks the Rockefeller Lockstep plan for world domination by non-Christians.

Temporary Solution with New Benefit

So in response, I have turned to Save Old St. Mary’s Inc., a US non profit corporation decided to promoting the Catholic Faith and Franciscan religious life, to receiving your donations. In this way, if you are a US citizen your donations are now capable of being tax deductible.

This new method has now been implemented on all existing donation or pledge buttons here at FromRome.info.

The payment will still be processed by Paypal for the present, however, until another payment method can be arranged for individual payments.

New Payment Method

However, Ordo Militaris Inc. is offering the option for those who wish to make one time gifts or recurring Pledges of support, via STRIPE, using this button. (A recurring payment automatically repeats each month)

To support FromRome.Info via STRIPE click this image:



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6 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor: For your advantage”

  1. Most unfortunate Brother. The devil is closing in. We must remember the truth will set you free–spiritually, but in this world will bring the powers of darkness upon you.

    We have reached a point where only the Great Chastisement will allow the Truth to shine again.

  2. Br. Alexis, please provide the postal mailing address of Save St. Mary’s so that we can send checks or money orders there to support you. Veri Catholici uses it as well.

    1. Save Old St. Mary’s does not receive checks, because it does not have a way to verify them against fraud, as larger corporations do. The reason why FromRome.Info is still using PayPal is because our hosting provider does not allow us to do otherwise at the present, for individual payments, without paying an annual fee of 280 dollars for the privilege.

  3. Br. Alex, my wife and I have been led to donate all our IRS stimulus to two causes we have been shown are at the forefront of restoring (or perhaps more accurately “resurrecting”!) the Church. From Rome was one of the two and so we will be sending $1200 to you as clearly you have been the courageous front line mouthpiece exposing the greatest betrayal the Church has ever known.

    1. Thank you. You are very kind, and it is humbling to receive such generous support.

      For now I ask that send it through SOSM inc. and get a tax accurable benefit. (see the buttons with the Blue Cross on FromRome.Info for this method), and not through Ordo Militaris Inc., because Stripe is giving us problems.

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