Deus Vult! — To defend persecuted Christians



by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On August 1, 2016, while I was praying in the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, at Bagnoregio, Italy, I called to mind the terrible news of recent days, about Father Jacque Hamel and his horrible execution at the foot of the Altar of his parish Church in Northern France. He had his throat slit and was stabed in the chest. The perpetrators were two Muslim Jihadis.

So I prayed to the Lord that He might protect His people from persecution, because the governments of the world had failed to protect them. I said to Our Lord: What is needed is an armed force of men who will run to the assistance of Thy people so that they might not suffer such a horrible fate. It was then that it seemed to me that the Lord was saying, “You, go and seek them out. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find.”

In response, I did just that, in every way I knew how. By the end of the month, Andrew J. Baalman and I, who have never met in person, had founded in the USA, Ordo Militaris Inc., a private military corporation for the defense of Christians ( On social media we lauched more that 50,000 messages in the next few years, to be banned by FaceBook and Twitter on several occasions, because those corporations hate Christians.

But we were not deterred, and we will not surrender to the forces of darkness.

In the last 4 years the organization has send more than $10,000 USD to needy Christians, Churches and Schools. We have assisted with food, clothing, shelter, building expenses, security systems, legal fees. And we have made considerable efforts to publicize the need to defend Christians, without seeking financial support.

While the objective of organizing and training men to physically defend persecuted Christians is still a long way off, A.J. and I have doubled down on our commitment to this goal supported in these years by nearly 200 members of the Order who pledge monthly. Neither A.J. nor myself nor any volunteer has taken a salary. We do what we do for the love of Christ.

But since we always see that there is more that can be done to advance the cause of the Order, we are constantly considering how to expand our efforts to help Christians.

To this purpose, in January this year, I founded FromRome.Info, dedicating my former blog, to the service of the Order. And A.J. is now heading a new media start up, Ordo Militaris Radio & TV (, where I will regularly appear on Radio and TV programs with him and others to produce a variety of programming to urge the defense of persecuted Christians, whether that persecution comes from outside or inside, the State or Church.

The organization also sells a variety of merchandise to provide a minimum income to the Order for its business expenses.

Here are some more vidoes about the Order:

How to help?

There are three ways one can join with the Order in protecting Christians from persecution.

First: Consider joining the Order as a supporting member

To learn more how to become a member of the Order and or to make a monthly pledge as a member of the Order. (See here). For each level of pledging the Order accords you a rank in the Order.

Second: Businesses are invited to consider joining an International Christian Alliance

We are also seeking to create an international alliance of existing small businesses to defend Christians from persecution by participating in a business franchise association designed to help Christian businesses and promote their collaboration. (see here).

Third: Investors are invited to consider investing with the Order

But better and more necessary, to invest in Ordo Militaris Inc. by purchasing our stock.

Ordo Miltiaris, Inc. is a stock corporation, authorized to sell $10 Million in Stock. And we are currently seeking investors so we can found a training camp in the USA ($5 Million) and a network of security companies round the world, which can serve as logistic centers for our volunteers assisting in those parts of the world ($ 5 Million).

We currently have 2 private series of issues, offered publicly in accord with the SEC Rule 506(c). See our prospectuses for more information.

  • Our Series Y01 throughY99 Stocks Series is dedicated to the capital expenses to set up a Basic Combat Training Camp and a US National HQ.  To obtain a copy of the prospectus, click here.
  • Our Series T01 through T99 Stocks Series is dedicated to the capital expenses to establish foreign subsidiaries. To obtain a copy of the prospectus, click here.

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