One thought on “Ordo Militaris Radio TV: Who is George Soros and Why is he so powerful?”

  1. Outstanding presentation Brother. We hope you will update from time to time.

    I think this sort of thing has been going on from time in memorial. In the past it was the Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Roman Empire, the “Holy” Roman Empire including the Catholic Church, England, Nazi Germany, Communist Russia and China. Today it is the EU, U.S., China, Russia. endeavors to create a few world empires via the fiction of Globalism. History is repetition.

    We either choose to serve mammon or God. The world really needs the Great Chastisement as least as a ‘time-out’ before God brings the whole sorry mess to a conclusion. Surely He must be getting tired of it all after 5000 or so years.

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