Father Lorenzo: Bergoglio, your election was canonically invalid! Repent!


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In this video Father Lorenzo makes a fiery and zealous appeal to Bergoglio to repent, formulating his appeal in a style similar to the Solemn Exorcism, but changing the words to speak to Bergoglio, rather than to Satan, and mentioning the sins and scandals and heresies of Bergoglio rather than the works of the Devil.

This priest has the spirit every Cardinal and Pope should have. And he has the courage of a Lion. May God bless him and all his works.

The sound track of this video should be broadcast on loudspeakers from a truck parked just outside the Vatican walls adjacent to the Santa Marta Hotel.


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8 thoughts on “Father Lorenzo: Bergoglio, your election was canonically invalid! Repent!”

  1. Every spanish-speaking priest and bishop needs to watch this video. He is the Alessandro Minutella of Spain. Boy, does he have fire in his belly!!

  2. Is there a translation available? I know that must be time consuming, but would be so appreciated by those of us who do not understand Spanish.

    1. Not that I know of, and I do not speak Spanish fluently enough to do a translation. However, if any reader is willing and able, FromRome.info will publish it.

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