Radio Radio: YouTube has cancelled our Channel

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is a brief English language summary of this video. blocked Radio Radio from its platform. Or should I say cancelled their channel which had thousands of videos produced by their radio station. Radio Radio is a licensed radio station in Italy and has been in operation 42 years.

The suspension of their account was signaled by an email which accused their station of distributing child porn, and was done so as protect children from sexual abuse.

It is a most outrageous calumny, since Radio Radio never features such images or topics in its broadcasts.

This suspension they have appealed. They are also seeking legal recourse here in Italy.

This absurd attack on Radio Radio followed a menancing email of June 3, in which they said that their video of January about the Italian Senate’s purchase of Medical Masks violated YouTube’s community standards regarding firearms!

Radio Radio also appealed that notice, and in response YouTube upped the complaint from a mere warning to an infraction and warned them that if they had 2 more infractions their account would be suspended.

They never got a second infraction, nor notification of a third infraction. Their account was simply suspended on Sunday morning.

Radio Radio is a radio station which politically is Marxist and of the Left, but which in recent years has been expressing a rational critique of Italian politics on points which even Catholics could agree with them. It seems they have betrayed the agenda of the globalists, who want the Left to be exclusively Globalist. No other form of Marxims is permitted.

They may on appeal win back their channel, because as Google advised in March, on account of  COVID-19 they had fired or suspended most of their human workforce and would allow logarithms to police their platform. When computers operate they can be hacked, and so what has happened to Radio Radio might have been caused by a hack on YouTube’s servers.

Today, however, Radio Radio’s YouTube channel is active again. It appears that YouTube feared legal action, but what they already did is grounds for it whether they restored the channel of Radio Radio or not.

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