Help FromRome.Info send a Journalist to Pope Benedict XVI

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The most important thing FromRome.Info can do for the Holy Father and for the Church right now is to send a journalist to Regensberg, Germany, where the Holy Father has moved the Papal Court.

We know for certain that the international press will NOT report the truth about what is going on in Regensberg and that they will begin to launch attacks against him. The Church has need to know what is really going on and on has the editorial independance to do this.

Help us send a journalist to Regensburg and publish exclusive reports daily about the Holy Father, his brother, the Holy Father’s state of health, and the efforts to restore the  Church as clergy from all over the world descend upon Regensberg to work with the Holy Father in this darkest hour of the Church.

To make your contribution, click the link below and please consider making a generous one time offering or a monthly pledge. FromRome.Info needs to raise about 5000 euros in monthly pledges to maintain a journalist in Germany.

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3 thoughts on “Help FromRome.Info send a Journalist to Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. $6,000 a month….that’s a lot of pecunias.

    Can you start some kind of “fund me” account to track the progress toward the monthly goals?

    1. It is an estimate, because I gather than an employee with taxes will not want to work as hard as I do without being paid a lot more than simply expenses. For example, being Editor at FromRome.Info is a 126 hour a week job, and such workers do not come cheep, though I do it for $0.00 salary yearly.

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