Does this not look like a face of someone who has been repeatedly beaten?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This one photo might explain why Pope Benedict XVI has the dismissed head of the Vatican Police (who know works for Italian Secret Police) arrange a quick exit from the Vatican on a military aircraft of the Italian Republic.

His nose looks like it suffered a long gash.

I leave it to you to speculate. Any doctors of medicine are invited to leave a comment.

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10 thoughts on “Does this not look like a face of someone who has been repeatedly beaten?”

  1. Wow, we sure don’t need a doctor to tell us what we’re seeing there. Behold the face of the Suffering Church in the midst of her Passion. We already know what the enemies of God were capable of doing with Our Lord Jesus Christ, the martyrs and popes throughout the centuries. mMore recently, what they did to Pope John Paul I. We also know that they tried poisoning Pope John Paul II several times and even hired a hitman to shoot him to death. He actually died but resurrected. I heard a testimony from a priest who lived in Rome shortly after the incident. He met the mother of the Pope’s surgeon and he was clinically dead at the hospital.

    And now, the Germans have Pope Benedict XVI in their hands. Remember, it was the Belgian embassy who commissioned the Turkish shooter, Mehmet Ali Ağca, to take out the pope, and behind them was the KGB and East German secret services because Russia opposed the peace initiatives that His Holiness was promoting. I and worried that Pope Benedict XVI is either suffering torture or will suffer torture, poisoning, neglect, starvation, sedation, violence, abuse, and all sorts of other tactics that these faithless socialist marxists come up with to subdue and manipulate their prisoners.

    1. With enemies that know how to kill without traces the fact that Benedict is still alive is a kind of miracle. There must be a good reason. Hopefully, we will find out shortly.

      I don’t read any evidence of harm to Benedict in the picture. He has the look of resignation.

  2. I’m not a doctor, but elderly often have discolorations on their skin, which is very thin and fragile, generally. Blood vessels can often be seen.

  3. You are right on mention ‘speculation’, since it is just that!
    He is what? 93? 94 years old? I cannot see how your claim could be any reasonable! If he had been hit, the area around his eye would be black or dark purple…which is not. It might have been a fall or something like that.
    And mark my words: he’ll be back to the Vatican since he is the Pope of tribulations, the one who’s gonna flee the Vatican for a short time, come back and be martyred! Being then replaced by Peter the Roman! He went to Germany to visit his I’ll brother, no go escape “beatings”!
    If the wolves wanted to get rid of B16, try would certainly find a subtle way to do it…like they did with John Paul I!

  4. I’m no doctor or nurse, but I spent twenty years as a police officer. Pope Benedict looks as if someone possibly assaulted him. He could have also fallen. Either is plausible. There is no way to know without a physician (not the one that went with him) to examine him. Ruling out a medical condition, I would have to say he looks like a man physically abused.

  5. I asked my daughter with a BSN degree who has done much hospice care with the elderly and she said from the photo alone she could not detect any trauma. He just looks like a weary elderly man with aged skin conditions and capillary breakdown. He also looked somewhat dehydrated which is very common in the elderly who have a harder time staying hydrated.

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