Frank Walker: Bergoglio imprisoned the true pope for payment from China

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One thought on “Frank Walker: Bergoglio imprisoned the true pope for payment from China”

  1. We believe this to be true, 100%. Not even a tiny doubt. This makes sense. Look, our church is g-o-n-e, already, unless God intervenes tomorrow. We should not be cooperating with the church on these ridiculous virus rules. We flat out, should not be cooperating. Stop!
    What are these men going to do if they walk into the church and see NOBODY. Seriously, what would they do! Oh they don’t need us, they are paid by the US federal government for Resettlement Funds to bring in immigrants, and they are paid by China, via Rome, but it’s still bad PR for our churches to be EMPTY. But that’s what they should be. My goodness people, this pope broke the First Commandments of God on sacred Vatican ground, then had the audacity to blaspheme Our Lord by have that black bowl of Pachamama brought up to the altar of God. He installed that demon idol in place of Christ. And we just keep going to “Mass” ‘and keep cooperating and keep wearing masks and signing our names and all the time this church is full up to the top with boy and seminarian molesters and we just keep going!!
    As long as Catholics are this complacent, this easy, this cowardly, this complicit, this lazy, this apathetic, this needy, nothing will ever improve. God give us some zeal, because right now we are like balloons with all the air let out. No spirit. No spirit at all.

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