Pope Benedict XVI returns to the Vatican: Illustrated News Review

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The press for the most part ignored the events by posting only repetitions of official press releases and images of the events. There was a complete absence of analysis. Don’t think about what you are seeing (Pope Benedict XVI recognized by all as a true Pope is), was the rule of the day.

To watch video, click the tweet above. This shows Pope Benedict XVI’s entourage arrive at the Cavallieri Gate on the S. Side of the Vatican. This video shows nothing, so its importance emphasizes the dignity of the person arriving.  The entourage goes very quickly, for those side streets. Quite dangerous in my opinion. What are they afraid of? It is not like Pope Benedict XVI enjoys the same awful reputation of Bergoglio.

Crux Magazine published the Associated Press report on Pope Benedict XVI’s return trip, click the screen shot below, to read that article:

Screenshot_2020-06-22 Benedict XVI back at Vatican after German visit to brother

The photos in the report make it appear that the Pope is on some medicine to give him an exalted state of mind. Those around him make a public statement of submission to the Plandemic, of course, since they are Bergoglian allies and puppets. But the AP pretends it does not see this.

Gloria.TV had a short article bashing Bild’s coverage of the event, but along with a short video of him arriving at the Airport, it appears, in Munich. the Pope is sporting a white hat. Click image to read the report. This report says, that whereas they had strength enough to concelebrate mass on the Feast of the Sacred Heart, the Ratzinger brothers were too weak to embrace one another in their final farewell. Gloria.TV does not believe the Bild report. I agree that it contradicts the statement by the Diocese that they concelebrated, unless of course one or both were seated during the mass.

Screenshot_2020-06-22 “Bye Joseph” – Too Weak To Hug Each Other

ACI Stampa in Italy showed how the common people were flocking to see the Holy Father at Regensburg. Click image below to read their report in Italian. They say nothing as to why so many people wanted to meet Benedict. Nor do they report that the crowd hailed him as the Pope.

Screenshot_2020-06-22 Benedetto XVI rientra in Vaticano dopo la visita al fratello Georg

The summary of the international press can be stated briefly:  Nothing to see here folks, get back to submitting to the usurper’s mockery of your faith.

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6 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI returns to the Vatican: Illustrated News Review”

  1. So pathetic! If the stunt visit to Regensburg served for anything, it was to show the world how satanic and ungodly the Papal entourage truly is. And how the mighty angels must act on behalf of the Holy Father to break the bars, chains, and shackles that are keep the Holy Father prisoner, unless it be the prophetic time for the “KATYKHON” to be removed (2nd Thessalonians 2, 6). In that case, the instrument of removal would be Ganswein, Dr. Cyborg and the rest of the devil’s entourage.

  2. and benedict wouldn;t return to the vatican, you wrote a couple of days earlier…?

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