Pope Benedict XVI’s 7 year imprisonment by Pedophiles continues anew

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The news can be presented in three ways. Simply retell the facts, without commentary or analysis. Or, distort the facts to craft a narrative to control the masses. Finally, comment and analyze the facts to find out what is really going on.

My recent reports about Pope Benedict XV’s trip to Bavaria employed the first and third kinds of journalism, as the sources made available. But my reporting was attacked in part by those close to a Priestly Society which has recently been subject to a series of reports on Pedophilia by Church Militant (see here, here, and here).

As someone trained in Anthropology, I am not surprised. The pedo network is far more vast than we realize and they are experts and instrumentalizing everything for their agenda, even good and faithful Catholics who do not yet realize they are being controlled by their agents.

For this reason, we will never understand history and the news if we do not properly and accurately characterize events, however so much that characterization is objectionable to the elites which rule this world.

Former intelligence officers have told me that the elites which are currently in power are part of an international pedo cult. I have with great reluctance considered such a possibility, since it seemed to me so improbable that such a foul and often private sin, could be associated with international power networks.

But the evidence that this is the case, in regards to the forced Abdication and Imprisonment of Pope Benedict XVI, becomes more and more difficult to ignore.

I have written much about this imprisonment in several articles already, which I list here for those who are new readers of FromRome.Info.

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But if we take a step back from the Church, and look at the motivations, then the key factor which keeps cropping up is Pope Benedict’s opposition to gay marriage and pedophilia.

From the launch in 2010 of the Main Stream Media attack to force Benedict’s resignation, as I reported today (CBS in 2010 asks for Benedict’s resignation), where they quoted a priest pushing gay marriage, as wanting Benedict gone, to those host of bizarre and perverse characters which have turned the Hotel of Santa Marta at the Vatican into a veritable bordello of sodomites and pedophile protectors (Bergoglio included: As he never revealed the list of victims for his diocese of Buenas Aires), to one of the first reports after Feb. 11 (Cardinal Arinze — Nothing to see here folks) produced by a journalist of the Catholic National Reporter, ardent advocate of the gay political agenda, the pedo allies’ fingerprints are on everything.

Pope Benedict XVI, we must remember, not only as Pope (see how he took action against them here and insisted they not be allowed into the priesthood here) but as the right hand man of Pope John Paul II warred against the politicization of sexual perversion (issuing several documents against this: against gay marriage and unions here, and how their sexual perversion must always be rejected, here).

The force with which they had wanted for a long time to remove Joseph Ratzinger from power and the decades long battle he fought against them resulted in the events of February 2013. Pope Benedict XVI’s very subtle but profound maneuver against them makes him appear to be quiet, and their practiced expertise in manipulating minds and persons has assisted them in the narrative control.  Occasional attacks against anyone, like myself, who start pointing fingers at their fake narrative, are only minor skirmishes in their Narrative control techniques. But for those with ears to hear, and eyes to see, Benedict speaks, and speaks, and speaks.

Benedict XVI has not surrendered nor ran from the wolves. He has ascended Calvary and with Our Lord is sharing in His Passion at the hands of high priests and scribes and pharisees, so as to obtain the resurrection of the Church and the new Pentecost of the Holy Spirit for Her renewal. For this reason, now more than ever, we must pray for Pope Benedict XVI and with Pope Benedict XVI, Christ’s true and faithful Vicar on Earth.

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11 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI’s 7 year imprisonment by Pedophiles continues anew”

  1. I read an article from ‘Crux’ which was obviously pro-Francis and it all but named you and your reporting. I’m sure there are others who are also clearly against Francis, but I got the impression it was in reference to your works. It had all the hallmarks of a controlled narrative and after reading your excellent illustrations of how both sides have been engaged in this battle of spiritual chess, it is all too clear who is on which side. Continue shining God’s light of awareness on these agents of darkness until He arrives to pass His ultimate judgement upon these wicked men. God bless you!

    1. Please, by all means share a link to the article at Crux. Though I doubt they are refering to FromRome.Info, it might be of interest to other readers.

      1. No, I see no reference in this article. But as for this article, in saying that Americans do not talk about politics or religion at the dinner table, it is obvious that this writer is a foreigner.

  2. Br Alexis: As you are no doubt aware, sexual perversions are part and parcel of satanic ritual. They defile human sexuality in the same way that they defile the Mass. While not discounting your comments about an international pedo cult, I believe it goes much deeper than that. This is an international satanic organization, of which the pedo activity is a public demonstration (satanists are required to publicly demonstrate their loyalty.) What’s going on in Rome is only the spiritual part of the whole. Looked at through that lens, almost everything that’s been happening since the US election of 2016 is connected. We’ve now progessed from a cold war to a hot war. This is their final push, because they’ve been discovered and will be destroyed if they fail. The 2020 US election is crucial, as is revival within the Church. Along with prayer, I’d urge you to research and follow Q; there’s a lot more depth to this than I can share on a quick post. Its not a conspiracy theory if there’s actually a conspiracy!

    1. GJ, if you read FromRome.Info regularly you would know that I recognize and admit that satanism is at the root of the problems in the Church. As for Q, I am convinced it its a CIA disinformation/misinformation operation, and so I do not waste my time with paying it any attention.

      1. Perhaps you are right, at least as Q now exists, but I believe its beginnings were mostly of well intentioned Trump loyalists,though clearly they were pie-in-the-sky, Norman Vincent Peal whistlers in the dark. I think Trump’s big weakness is his “over confidence” which is the problem with most of us Christians. “If My people who are called by My name shall humble themselves . . . ” Trump, a true divine gift for us in DC only reflects what’s in most of God’s people and that include what is lacking in us, and the very reason we are under such a threat! Somewhat “good” but clearly not good enough! That’s going to have to all change before November or.we are gone as a nation. And that will take a real miracle, a true spiritual awakening like this nation has never had before.

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