The Faith must be our Security Policy, or it means nothing

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the great modern errors is to think that the Catholic Faith is a collection of ideas, doctrines, teachings, and not the adhesion of the mind to revealed truth, which comes from the God Who is Truth and Who cannot deceive.

This error leads us to think that the Faith is something you can find in a book, copy, and repeat, but which does not enter into the firm purpose of your mind AND heart.

The man who allows this error into his mind is very willing to dialogue with unbelievers, because he has already relegated the Faith to a curious anachronism, a body of knowledge, which does not hold him bound in everything and at all times.

But such a faith is not the first principle of thought or action.  It is rather a database to be referred to when it suits the one who knows it, even if he call himself a believer.

But the true notion of the Faith is something which is the first principle of our thoughts and actions, and the security policy of our very existence.

It is the first principle, because in every consideration the Faith is the first rule by which all is judged, measured, examined, questioned and doubted.  And as the first principle of our thoughts and actions, we never question it, doubt it, or put it under examination. Least of all do we put it on the same level as opinion, superstition, error or falsehood. Likewise, we never pretend or tolerate that it be considered a human invention or handiwork.

As the first principle of our thoughts and actions, it is the rule of our heart and the security of our souls. Because just as the very first response to any threat to head of state is the response of his security team, who without asking questions and presuming things benign, takes immediate action to prevent harm, placing itself in a defensive posture, so our Faith must be mobilized whenever there is any threat to our eternal salvation or that of anyone else, even if he is not yet a believer.

Understanding and employing faith in this correct way, we are saved from a multitude of sins, and from all mortal sin, because we turn aside from temptations and occasions of sins before the risk of mortal sin even appears. We choose rather an entirely different course of action and head out on the path to Heaven, in the fulfillment of our duties to God, in works of charity, and in the sanctification and mortification of our own persons.

Against this right notion of faith as a first principle and security policy, the Devil of our age screams, “Tolerance!” so that we lower our defenses and place our faith on the same level of perverse sentiments, ungodly error, and self-destructive superstitions, or politically induced mental diseases. He wants us to tolerate abomination, perversion, insanity, madness, capriciousness, whimsical-ness and fraud and liars of every kind.

The hallmark of the true Christian, however, is his intolerance of evil, sin and error. To the one who is in error or sin, but who does not defend his sin or error, we should always be ready with a word of hope and point them to true salvation, in Christ Jesus our Lord. But to the one who defends his sin and error, we must take a position of absolute intransigence and recognize that they are a threat not only to our souls and those of our loved ones, but to our nation and humanity itself. Such persons should never be allowed to form political parties, movements or hold office. To allow such a thing would be to allow the suicide of the nation, the enslavement of the weak and innocent, the abuse of the institutions of government and civilization.

Contrariwise, as sincere Christians, when we hold office we are obliged by Jesus Christ to enact laws and regulations which defend the whole of society from such insane persons. For the man who cannot govern himself is in no way fit to govern or guide a nation.

This is the true vision of the Catholic Faith. Anything less is a counterfeit product.

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3 thoughts on “The Faith must be our Security Policy, or it means nothing”

  1. Excellent Brother Alexis. Very well said. The Catholic faith is our code of living. It informs us what is right and wrong and provides the grace to know the difference.

    Today many folks don’t believe in a fixed code of right and wrong. Rather they only speak of “difference” and “tolerance”, i.e., mercy without justice. They say that anything that doesn’t hurt others is OK. Of course, this self-oriented point of view does hurt others. Divorce, abortion, fornication, BLM destruction, etc. clearly does hurt others.

    Thus the advocacy of “tolerance” is a work of the devil who tempts people to believe they are being good and merciful when they are actually doing evil. Our “Pope” is a prime example.

  2. One cannot have been in communion with Pope Benedict if one is now in communion with Francis, due to The Law Of Non contradiction.
    Bishop v. bishop, Cardinal v. cardinal, Pope v. pope, is the result of the denial of The Unity Of The Holy Ghost in the counterfeit church, the same counterfeit church that desires to reorder beloved sons and daughters according to sexual desire/inclination/orientation, which sexually objectifies the human person in direct violation of God’s Commandment regarding lust and the sin of adultery. Pope Benedict recognizes there is a difference between biological sex and desire/inclination/ orientation. Biological sex refers to personhood, being, in essence, male or female, (a son or daughter, a brother or sister, a husband or wife, a father or mother …), whereas desire/inclination/ orientation, is not a person but an urge to act or feel a certain way towards a person, place, or thing. All disordered inclinations need to be overcome if we desire not to be lead into sin. Love is devoid of lust. Tolerating lust is a sin.

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