Mel Gibson meets Bishop Gracida


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Recognizing that Pope Benedict XVI is the true pope and that Bergoglio never was is becoming more and more mainstream.

Over the weekend, the famous Catholic Director and Actor Mel Gibson indicated this by posing with Bishop Rene Henry Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, who has doubted the validity of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation and Bergoglio election since Feb/Mar 2013.

Many who love to live in lies will choke at these developments. But a picture tells a thousand words.

Oh, and here is another, which shows that the Bishop received Mel in his own residence.


Bishop Gracida blogs at and is an avid fan of FromRome.Info.

And for those who doubt, a news report:

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15 thoughts on “Mel Gibson meets Bishop Gracida”

    1. I do not know. I do not read the Australian press, or follow news about Gibson.

      What I do not know, is that the one who kindled those fires, Adolf Hitler, was Jewish on both sides of his family, even if according to religion he professed to be a Christian. Genetic studies show he has a lineage which traces itself back to Morocco, at least in one ancestor.

      But the Australian press won’t tell you that, because they are racists who only want to attack Christians and blame everything on Gentiles.

      1. Do not believe what the Press tells you about Gibson. I am from Australia. Mel was a good Catholic man- research what he did in filming the Passion of The Christ. However, as a good, old Catholic friend of mine(Keith Evans RIP+) said… “After he made that movie, he shoulda known the devil was coming for him!!” And I do agree!

        The devil sent a temptress. He also fell with drink (Mel’s long term weakness) and pride (fairly endemic) to bring him in to mortal sin in quite embarrassing public ways. His long term marriage with 7 children to Robyn (a good Catholic woman) was soon over once the devil started on him. However, Mel knows what he needs to know. I hope and pray that he has been to Confession and is going to work on his Salvation and also on completing his work for God. I will be seeing the new movie and I will keep praying for him. Because in the end, he is just like us. We don’t really do ‘starstruck paparazzi’ in Oz. Except at airports and concerts. I saw him filming locally and everyone just smiles and goes on their way. No-one mobbed him. He is just a person with a known talent.

  1. St William of Vercelli, & Blessed John the Spaniard, Hermit
    25th June, A. D. MMXX

    Well, Bishop Gracida is a man of heroic virtue. I consider him or Archbishop John Paul Lenga–and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò–as my bishop because the ones around me are plainly simply not Catholic. Cf. Te Igitur where my pastor commemorates Pope Benedict.

    Cards. Dolan, J. Tobin and all the rest of the bishops of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are Apostate BigTime to one degree or another. They illustrate well Fr. Malachi Martin’s declaration just before he died that the institutional Church has become Apostate. Fr. Malachi said this means the Vatican, the cardinals and bishops, the seminaries and parishes.

    This is a key to understanding Francis and the Destruction of the Catholic Church. In the United States. In Italy. In China. In the world.

    I await Archbishop Viganò declaring for Pope Benedict, when the time is right. To do so now could well nigh get poor Pope Benedict killed.

    Three cheers for Restaurant Cavaleri’s down in Texas!

    “Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world!”

  2. Having visited a friend near Mel’s home in Malibu, I know he belongs to an elite, self-enclosed, sede vacantist sect. He owns his own chapel (“Holy Trinity”) inside his propert and there was a bishop who would come celebrate their sacraments from abroad but is now too old to travel, maybe even deceased. Mel may be looking to hire a new Bishop, but I hope that having met Bp. Gracida turns into a sincere acknowledgement (on his behalf) that PP BXVI was and is the true pope. Mel’s sect believed no post-conciliar Pope was ever a legitimate pope.

  3. Mel Gibson blind-sided Hollywood with his film The Passion of Christ. They didn’t see it coming. His father is a well known sed yes, but Mel’s film did untold good. Indeed let us pray for him.

      1. I think, Brother Bugnolo, that Mr. Mel Gibson was raised as a sedevacantist by his father Hutton.

  4. I believe Gibson is currently filming a sequel to the Passion. It has something to do with Christ Jesus descending to hell before the resurrection, I think.

    Same actor as Christ.

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