One thought on “The Creature of Jekyll Island”

  1. The Federal Reserve is another work of the devil to create and encourage moral hazards, i.e, the temptation to lie and steal by the government, banks and big business. The purpose is to allow the government to do anything that pleases the elites which is total control of the population..

    To hasten the process along the scamdemic Corvid Virus was created in order to make everyone totally reliant on the government in trade for our freedom. The Federal Reserve created enough money to permit businesses and individuals to survive economically for a while. The EU has the same power as the Federal Reserve so the target is Western civilization.

    To me this is part of the world wide takeover by the anti-christ where everyone is required is to be vaccinated in order to work, shop, etc. Whether the vaccination has real health value is totally irrelevant.

    Only divine intervention can prevent this from happening.

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