11 thoughts on “OMC Radio TV: Was Cardinal Siri elected Pope?”

  1. If we believe that Benedict is still the pope, then, no, Siri is not the pope.

    1. And Benedict’s papacy is even evidence by the vision of Pius X who saw a pope with the name Joseph being driven out of Rome and martyred as well as by the vision of St. John Bosco who saw the pope on the bark of Peter struck down (removed from his papal function) and immediately raised up and then martyred with the new pope immediately elected from chosen men not on that main ship but from those on the several boats that were protecting it as it was coming in for anchorage between the two pillars. Of course as anyone can see the present college of Cardinals could only vote for an anti-Christ as the one who has hijacked the holy name of Francis made sure of that because he himself in an anti-Christ something that should stun us all to the core that most “Conservative” and Traditional Catholics still cannot see or give an honest witness to!!

  2. Brother I have a suggestion. For those of us without the time for the broadcast I wonder if you could provide a quick written summary. Bullets only would be fine with me.

      1. Thanks Brother. Siri supposedly wrote a letter of explanation which is not to be opened until 50 years after his death which was in 1989.

        Here is what I think. Siri was elected Pope. After his election he told the conclave that he wanted to reveal the 3rd Secret of Fatima and do exactly as Our Lady directed. This resulted in a conclave uproar. Siri then resigned and John XXIII was elected in his place. The result has been a catastrophe for the Church as we all know.

      2. These as far as I know are myths. Where is the evidence. First you find evidence, and then you elaborate an explanation. The Siri Thesis is a great novel in search of facts which do not exist to prove it.

      3. Br. Alexis. “These as far as I know are myths. Where is the evidence. First you find evidence, and then you elaborate an explanation.”

        Here is some “evidence” for consideration:
        Former FBI consultant Paul L. Williams cites declassified U.S. intelligence documents allegedly showing that Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was elected Pope Gregory XVII at the conclave that, two days later, produced John XXIII.

        This is from his book: ‘The Vatican Exposed: Money, Murder, and the Mafia’ available on Amazon.

  3. There is at least one eyewitness claim that I’m aware of that Giuseppe Siri accepted the papacy before he was coerced into backing off. I can’t remember who said it, but I remember thinking at the time that the claimant was credible.

    It would explain a lot. Cdl. Siri died in 1989, meaning that if it were true, every Conciliar Pope from John XXIII through Koran-kissing John Paul the Totally Awesome would have been anti-popes. The first true pope since Cdl. Siri was His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

    1. You cannot base a theory on a supposed eye witness who never came forward and whose name is not known, or who was not inside the conclave, and who broke the papal secrete decades later, who is said to have said to have said, etc.. — See the problem here?

  4. Thank you Br. Alex for this excellent and compelling presentation that concludes that Siri’s non acceptance of his possible election means the election of John XXII was a valid election. This should take all the wind out of the sedevacantists’ sails except what has been mostly their own hot air from the beginning.

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