Dr. Richard Bartlett: How I cure COVID-19


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6 thoughts on “Dr. Richard Bartlett: How I cure COVID-19”

  1. Covid 19, a carefully crated political and economic weapon, has been an absolute fraud on every level beginning with the Western globalist conspiracy to create this virus specifically to destroy the US economy with its intentional release in China where the scare narrative required could be best played out for the world to see, and it’s deadly “solutions” to the threat being a total societal shutdown, universal personal human isolation and dangerous masking could be best marketed throughout the world. The elderly were actually targeted for death by the millions by using false treatments while many others have now died by suicide, in panic and through loneliness. Additionally, the economic damage already done will result in millions worldwide starving to death, but had they been able to keep this shut down complete as they had wished that figure would come to be closer to billions and would have insured a complete communist takeover of the world. As it is, even with this globalist psyop being now challenged and exposed we have less than 4 months to stop this intended total take over and intended mass extermination of 90% of the worlds population beginning with Christians most of whom still remain to a large degree clueless to the extent of their own deceptions that has resulted in such utter and near universal spiritual impotence among us. The kind of Christianity that in 300 years that began with only 120 brought down the entire pagan Roman empire is clearly described by Our Lord in Mark 15:14-20 and Acts Ch. 1-6 And you mark it down, only a Christianity of that nature will be able to bring down the worldwide antiChrist globalist empire that has now neutralized if not outright subdued most of Christianity, or what is still falsely called Christianity.

    1. Excellent of our current situation David even if a bit extreme in terms of timing. It is for the reasons you cited that I believe God will intervene. The world and the Church will not be conquered by Satan though he will try awfully hard. Nonetheless, you are right. We are headed for very hard times ahead.

  2. Thank you MD and certainly Heaven will intervene but there should be a caution here. Heaven will intervene in our favor only to the degree that God’s people meet the conditions of 2 Chron 7:14. The spiritual discernment and courage that you see in Br. Alex so shockingly absent in the vast multitude of Catholic leaders and spokesmen is to me horrifying and that has directly translated to the apostasy and spiritual death among vast numbers of Catholic laity. This is equally true among non-Catholic Christian leaders and laity. Thank God that signs of a spiritual awakening are beginning to emerge and we do see its effects as small as they appear to be at this time.
    Also there must be a serious warning against the Doctors advice to get tested. Testing would leave one open to numerous unspeakable abuses.

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