Live Q & A with Br. Bugnolo

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  2. I have followed the masses said at the Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter parishes of Our Lady if Walsingham In Houston and Saint Mary The Virgin in Arlington Texas. The priests, deacons, acolytes etc do not wear masks during the service, they use a lot of Latin, which is beautiful; the consecration seems to me to be proper using the ‘my body’ and ‘my blood’ words. But the only thing that bothers me is when referring to the Pope, they use Francis name only and not Benedict. It is to me the closest to the old pre Vatican rites other that the Tridentine masses at FSSP parishes.

    Is there a way to list parishes that are still in communion with Pope Benedict and might use the pre Vatican II rites?

    I pray for you and your safety every day. I hope the Holy Spirit is guiding you in your apostolate and I hope your questions will give courage to our real church bishops to come forward and demand debate and eventually answers to the questions most Catholics have about what is going on in our church and in the world.

    God bless you and may Our Lady watch over you always.


    1. I know of no parish which says the Mass one with Pope Benedict, which I can name publicly. the level of persecution is such that such a list would be used as a hit list.

      1. Good point, I can see why. I also try to make it to the Perpetual Prayers for Pope Benedict. Thank you for all you and AJ are trying to do.

        Thank you for your prompt reply.

  3. Dear Rafael–

    I know of only two bishops for sure in the Universal Church who commemorate the one true pope, and only Catholic one, Pope Benedict. These are the bishops I name and pray for in the Te Igitur, regardless of what jurisdiction I’m in or what the priest may be saying (Dolan the Un-Catholic, perhaps, or Tobin the Gay [Archd.’s of NY/Newark]–these men are simply not Catholic and it’s high time they are called out on it).

    These two are Archbishop John Paul Lenga in the Old World (fiercely attacked by Fr. Schmidberger of the SSPX on this, curiously), and Bishop Rene Henry Gracida in the New World, who most dismiss as he’s 96 years old. No matter. He’s got guts, more than the entire USCCB combined, who have rather the fat guts of Falstaff.

    I go out of my way to go to Sunday Mass where the true Pope is commemorated, but the few priests who dare do so are in a bit of a panic of fear of reprisals by the unCatholic bishops we have here in the U. S. who are craven, clerical careerist and most often members of the clerical Homosexual Network Strangling the Church.

    Therefore, they are all too happy to do Bergoglio’s bidding from fear, cowardice, greed or malicious intent, and to whom they are united in a wicked pact centered on the Seven Deadly Sins.

    But drop me a line if interested and I can tell of a few good men.

    In corde Christi,

    Bro. C.

    1. Chris,

      You said two bishops but mentioned four (Lenga, Gracida, Dolan and Tobin). Which are in communion with BXVI, and which two you mention in the Te Igitur. It is not too clear to me.

      I mention Lenga and Gracida in my daily prayers.

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