OMC Radio TV — The Catholic Rising of the Vendée

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7 thoughts on “OMC Radio TV — The Catholic Rising of the Vendée”

  1. Another great program from Ordo Militaris Radio TV about the brave defenders of Catholicism during the French Revolution only at Vendee.. That the battle was not supported by the clergy was unknown to me. And we should believe that if something like this happened again—and given present trends, there is every sign that it will—we should not depend on the support of the clergy. They will go along with the government like they do today with the Virus and other outrages against Catholics..

    In line with the same subject I wonder if a place could be established in the United States where quasi Catholic State could be founded so all orthodox Catholic could enjoy complete religious freedom and defend themselves if necessary.?

    1. Sounds great, where do we sign up? I think we should be preparing as things seem to be getting worse. We can’t sit back and wait for Trump to save us. He’s one man and is battling a powerful cabal of globalists who want us under the NWO. As we have seen, the clergy abandoned us, even the “traditionalists” folded to the state as dutifully as the lax novus ordo bishops.
      We need to reach out to and support those few priests out there who are willing to risk being “disobedient” and will provide the sacraments as they are called by God to do, to us faithful who will not bow down to the one world religion. By pledging our support spiritually, physically (by housing and feeding them if need be), and monetarily, we may be able to organize an underground system of faithful priests as we head towards the new catacombs.
      Any ideas are welcome and encouraged!

      1. Very good Cartherine Sarto. I am in complete favor of an underground orthodox Catholic Church. A communication system needs to be set up to make this happen in local areas so a holy orthodox priest can be obtained and supported, and interested laity assembled.
        We would appreciate everyone’s thoughts on this. Doing this is now a matter of high urgency.

        In a way our time seems like the time of the apostles with most Catholics standing in for the Jews who were the apostles object of conversion to the True Faith in Christ (now orthodox Catholicism).

  2. The fact that Church’s property is still “owned” by the masonic Republic of France (i.e., remains stolen loot in the clutches of the said republic), sheds some new light on the last year’s fire (arson?) at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and the subsequent ill-conceived, even blasphemous proposals for its twisted “renovation” on modern principles …

  3. Agreed, Michael Dowd. Some thoughts: this needs to be lay run obviously. A list of priests who are onboard with the project needs to be assembled. The communication method is the difficult part as we can’t have people blabbling on social media about underground Masses. Only trustworthy families who will not “advertise” should be involved. With that said, it will be a small group in each region. Code language is a must, if communicating via the internet, but like I said before, only trusted folks need be involved as this is most likely going to get to the point where those going against the NWO are arrested or worse. The first lockdown was a game for some, who thought it was fun to post on social media their kids “serving Mass” while watching it on t.v. We can’t have these types involved – too dangerous.
    Where to start? Any thoughts? Having a prelate such as Bp. Schneider giving guidance would be tremendous, as he’s lived this before. As long as this effort is commended to the Immaculate Heart of Mary it will not fail.

    1. Thanks Catherine. For the time being I see no need for secrecy about an underground Catholic Church. Just do it. Right now..Obtain a priest. Advertise in the paper, tell everyone exactly what you are up to. The Sedevacantists have been doing this for years.

      In the future the need secret communication may be necessary,

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