Amazing Polly: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

This video is from March 2019, 1 year before the lockdown. It is nothing less than prophetic.

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2 thoughts on “Amazing Polly: The Fourth Industrial Revolution”

  1. Agree with Polly on her description of what we could call the new Morlocks, i.e., us, who are controlled by the new Eloi who are the elites. See H. G. Wells,

    It all sounds completely nuts but surely Polly is right that plans for control are being developed. The cowed reaction by the public in an indication that much of what they want to do can be pulled off..

    I don’t think they get too far in implementing all the mind control stuff but will definitely try. They will sell this idea as the road to happiness, heaven on earth. But something will go terribly wrong and their efforts will fall like the tower of Babel and elites will be seen as blithering idiot which they will become fighting among themselves. Also, God who is watching may decide intervene.

  2. It is less than prophetic in that it only affirms the natural world and does not acknowledge the supernatural. The masonic deal with Lucifer is a false hope leading to destruction. Trust in God’s plan for His children. The haughty will be made low and the lowly will be raised up. We are promised that.

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