Avv. Polacco: La proroga dello Stato di Emergenza è stata cancellata


The Italian People have obtained the cancellation of the extension of the State of Emergency by means of sending more than 100 thousand emails to the President of the Italian Republic, protesting.

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One thought on “Avv. Polacco: La proroga dello Stato di Emergenza è stata cancellata”

  1. Can the Italians please come show us Americans how to do it? In the U.S., it is the governors (comparable to the Presidents of the Italian Regions) who are the ones imposing unconstitutional restrictions in our states. Gavin Newsom in California has suddenly, once again, shut down all churches, restaurants, bars, casinos, and any indoor operation. He is a complete psycho and belongs in prison, but people here aren’t angry enough to storm his email inbox.

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