3 thoughts on “A Pilgrim’s Visit to the Basilica of St. Alexis: Rome, Italy”

  1. What a privilege to be taken through this Basilica today by another St. Alexis in the making! Blessings on your day, brother!

  2. Feast of St Alexis, Man of God
    17th July, A. D. MMXX
    Buona Festa, Fra Alexis! Happy Name Day!
    This travelogue video is most excellent. And what a beautiful and worthy church and basilica. Also thank you for your moving prayers at the end to persevere in your vocation and to encourage others to do likewise.
    My lovely wife and I were wed in the Mexican equivalent–the “Marrying Church” of Guadalajara, the Church (or ‘Templo’) Expiatorio–Jalisco’s only French Gothic church, to which I highly commend a visit next time your in the Land of Our Lady of Guadalupe! (Designed and begun in 1897 by a famous Italian architect who used only carved stone and mortar–no reinforced concrete or steel. Please see here: https://visitguadalajara.com/templo-expiatorio .)
    Mille grazie!
    In Corde Christi,
    Bro. Christopher

  3. P. S. And I should add, dedicated to the Cristeros martyrs, especially including the Tio or Zio (uncle) of mi Esposa: San Justino Orona Madrigal, Feast Day July 1st. Executed for being a parish priest, Padre Justino refused to flee in the face of the Masonic federal gov’t forces led by the infamous Plutarco Elias Calles and supported by the United States through its Ambassador to Mexico, the equally ignominious Dwight Morrow of Englewood, New Jersey. His last words as they busted down the door to his ranch on that July morning in 1928 and accused him of being a Catholic priest were:
    Viva Cristo Rey!

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