Theodore Roosevelt, the original MAGA President

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4 thoughts on “Theodore Roosevelt, the original MAGA President”

  1. When I lived on Long Island I would try to visit Sagamore Hill at least once a year. [image: image.png]

    I never tired of walking the property, visiting the house and reading about Teddy’s accomplishments and persona.

    During one visit I “craned my neck” to look into one of the rooms and noticed a framed Catholic prayer hanging on a wall that was not visible unless you stuck your head through the doorway and deliberately looked to the left of the entrance. Unfortunately the framed prayer was gone when I next visited.

    What a great courageous and virile President.

    I’m all for Trump’s decision to remove the portraits of Bush and Clinton replacing them with pictures of McKinley and Roosevelt.

    The Bush portrait has been replaced by that of William McKinley, the > nation’s 25th president, who was assassinated in 1901, and the Clinton > portrait has been replaced by one of Theodore Roosevelt, who succeeded > McKinley, three people who have seen the portraits this week tell CNN. > Trump has shown more of an affinity for those predecessors than his more > recent ones. He asked early in his term about reversing an Obama-era name > change for the tallest mountain in the United States, from Denali back to > Mount McKinley. And this summer he decried a decision to remove a statue of > Roosevelt from outside the Museum of Natural History in New York that some > said symbolized racial discrimination.

  2. Outstanding presentation. Thank you. We need a Catholic President with Theodore’s qualities. Let us pray that if Trump is re-elected he will emulate him.

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