5 thoughts on “Lawsuit against McCarrick will expose St. Gallen Mafia’s long game to destroy Church”

  1. When the Red Chinese forked over their first installment of their 2 Billion dollar payment, did they also require a little something-something like Frankie shutting down our Masses?

  2. Like Fred Martinez, Voris is careful to only implicate the perennial cold-war bogey-men behind who the real puppet-masters operate. No mention of the aristocratic families, freemasonry, secret services, Rampolla men, Nazi underground, or their collaborators. Watch the similar Epstein scandal for a virtuoso performance of establishment legerdemain. From Rome is alone in having the courage to dive down every rabbit hole, no matter how dark.

  3. McCarrick is the Jeffrey Epstein of the Church. He needs to be hunted down, arrested, tried, indicted, and left to die in prison.

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