The History of Islamic Terrorism upto 1900 A.D.

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4 thoughts on “The History of Islamic Terrorism upto 1900 A.D.”

  1. Brother Alexi, I cannot believe my ears, thank God for your courage, for your lucid, precise and absolutely accurate word by word about this wicked cult of Islam. Nothing equals that cult in its savagery, its wickedness and its sworn enmity to humanity and civilization.
    As to your story about the muslim monastery gardener, may I tell you or remind you of something similar but far far too tragic and no body wants to remember. It is the story of the bishop who was murdered by his muslim trukish chaufeur who had been in his service for 10 or so years, many years ago. The archbishop staggered out of the door of his house but the muslim murderer pursued him and decapitated him right in the open and in full day because of course no one in the islamicaly cursed Turkey would dare rescue a poor Christian man. Not only that but Turkey sent his body as a shipping item in a cargo. Amazing that no one want to remember this and honor the memory of this Christian martyr bishop. I forgot his name but a quick research will certainly access the details of this horrible incident. I notice this unlike your other podcasts is not naturally on youtube. They will never publish something like this, Thanks and God bless you for telling the truth. For its adherents islam is slavery and existentially degrading on all levels, cultural, moral, mental and even genetically. For its outsiders, it is war, violence and invasion.

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