6 thoughts on “Why Christians must refuse the new religion of State: Corona Worship”

  1. This was excellent and covered all the points we need to hear now.
    I would say that we are in a trial run for the NWO, but God has given us a reprieve for a generation. Many of the key players in this globalist tyranny have been arrested and in a few months, life will look very different. We shouldn’t waste this ‘test,’ though, and get right with God and our neighbor.

  2. Great presentation. Exactly true. Covid is a roadway to totalitarian Communism. The Catholic Church should be out front with the truth on the use of the Virus to subject the population to government. Unfortunately, the Church has sold out. I can only see bad days ahead for all of us.

  3. NONE OF THIS MEDICAL TYRANNY COULD EVER HAVE HAPPENED HAD NOT THE CHURCH AND CHRISTIANS ALMOST UNIVERSALLY DENIED THE EXPLICIT PROMISE OF CHRIST TO “EVERYONE THAT BELIEVES” IN MARK 15:17-20 AND THE EXPLICIT PROMISE OF OUR LORD IN JOHN 14:12-14, BUT ALSO PROMISED IN DEUT. 7:15 IN THE OLD COVENANT! So in addition to the rising health crisis of degenerative diseases in the West we are being sucked into a massive destructive Occult Ritual because we now have, plain as day, come to fear a virus more than God Himself! Here’s a link to an excellent article covering this in more detail revealing that “The entire manufactured coronavirus crisis is one giant, occult ritual from start to finish, divided up into four mini-rituals, each with the distinct occult purpose of initiation and transformation of the world and its people into a new global order.”
    The clear lack of faith among Christians is thus the real fundamental cause of our present crisis in our world with the only solution being a restoration of the Church of the Book of Acts as even Fr. Ratzinger foresaw in 1969 that would “emerge” from the rubble of so much that was ungodly and useless.

    PS: We also have every reason to believe the LIVE snake on the POLE adopted by modern medicine from pagan Greek mythology is a deliberate modern counter to the Christian view of the promise of healing through the covenant promises of God as seen most powerfully of all in the life giving Sacrifice of Christ on His CROSS “that we might be healed” and foreshadowed in the lifting up of the serpent in the wilderness, which to elicit faith for healing of those bitten, certainly could NOT be a live snake but a dead one, and thus additionally had to be draped over a cross NOT CLIMBING UP ANY POLE!

  4. This makes a lot of sense. I’m going to share this video with loved, ones, because it’s thought provoking and the more people who think about this, the better. One thing though. Covid is about as nasty a virus as the Chinese could create. It has devastating effects on some, blood clots that end up in lungs, or fingers which have to be amputated. Sometimes all of them. It leaves some with permanent loss of taste and smell. Wrecks some lungs permanently. That it is a bad virus to be taken seriously also seems true. No flu does this and to me it’s wrong to equate the flu with Covid since Covid’s potential effects are so bad. So how to follow reasonable protocols and not fall into the NWO cult? Is it only by refusing the vaccine? Mask wearing indoors and distancing does seem to have reduced the spread in some areas. But these totalitarian demands for following protocols are obscene, and in the Catholic Church, they have no place. It is a nightmare to see the Catholic church issue these diktats and now punish Catholics who dare to break them. (see the Wanderer for a story about it.) When the church and state become the problem, and people can’t trust either of them, they’re in a bad place, so God help us.

  5. The last Mass I attended, the deacon spoke before the Gospel, looked right at me because I was not wearing a mask and said, “Everyone needs to wear a mask and if you are not wearing one we have some for you to put on in the back of the Church.” Then he said, “And for all of you who prefer to take Communion on the tongue we will do that after Mass in the back of the Church.” That is where we are at, the mask is much more important than respect for the Eucharist. Personally, I think it is THE manifestation of the anti-church.

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