Live Q & A with Br. Bugnolo — July 25, 2020

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8 thoughts on “Live Q & A with Br. Bugnolo — July 25, 2020”

  1. ? what can I do. I need to confess but I will not confess to a N O Priest & is Holy Mass by TV ok.?

    1. If you need to confess, you can only confess to a priest. All priests who are validly ordained can hear your confession. If you need to confess a mortal sin and have a priest but refuse to confess to him, you have chosen to go to Hell. It is that simple.

  2. Hi Alexis, I tried to contact you as couple of month ago a group of US soldiers landed at Munich by using an airline Omni Air Airlines… Then on Easter a flight OAA has landed in Lamezia Terme, south Italy. Easter was total lockdown everywhere. I checked it out and the flight came from Finland, where the operations of Defender 2020 are taking place. The Covid has been spread silently and the Italian authorities know it…. Please contact me if you want to discuss further!

  3. You said that Bishop Gracida and Archbishop Lenga have the duty and should be ordaining bishops and clergy so the faithful could have the sacraments. Do you mean for them to only ordain those who also believe that Benedict is still the true Pope? Do they need Pope Benedict’s permission? Would this act formally create a schism (is this the desired goal so as to identify the true Church?); and would this act be similar in any way in what Archbishop Lefebvre did when he consecrated bishops and clergy?

    1. why would they ordain those who think Bergoglio is pope? There is already a schism, and only Lenga and Gracida are not participating. Finally, certainly not

      1. Yes, the already existing schism made formalized, not actually starting one. I guess I would be interested to know if there have been any “BIP” seminarians and priests even presenting themselves to either Bishop Gracida or Archbishop Lenga, desiring to be ordained to the priesthood/episcopate. I love the idea, but are there any who truly want it? Something to definitely pray for.

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