Fr. Altman: Silence in the face of apostasy IS also apostasy

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5 thoughts on “Fr. Altman: Silence in the face of apostasy IS also apostasy”

  1. Agree. We must speak out to our children and others. As a result they may not want to speak to us or demand we never bring up the subject again. That has been my experience with some of my kids who are Democrats who hate Trump and love “Pope” Francis.

  2. Unfortunately the good Father at the .48 mark he refers to “the great Archbishop Chaput.”

    When Archbishop Chaput was in Denver Ann Barnhardt would attend his 6:30 pm Mass until from the pulpit he preached that Catholics and muslims worship the same God.

    However Father does do a good job of touching upon predestination…..


    Ann Barnhardt Sun, Mar 31, 2019, 7:42 PM to me Didn’t walk out of the Mass, but yes, after hearing him go out of his way to say that musloids “worship the same God we do” I never went to his 18:30 Sunday evening Mass at the Denver Cathedral again. It was no great loss – music was guitars and bongos. No joke. Always worked my travel schedule so that I could attend a Trad Mass from there forward.

    Fun fact: Chaput doesn’t write his own books. He just takes credit for them. They are ghosted by a woman in Denver.

    Cindy O’Brien Apr 2, 2019, 9:03 AM to me

    Hi Jack,

    I am not a fan of Chaput, because he wrote a letter to all of the parents of students of Arch D. of Phila schools that if they want their children to attend his schools, they must be vaccinated. No philosophical exemptions will be accepted. He noted that because research is searching for an alternative to using aborted fetal cells in vaccines, it is ok to use the vaccines. News alert, the pharms are not searching for an alternative. They thirst for the blood of the aborted.

    How can it be confirmed that Chaput doesn’t write his own books?

    God bless our efforts, Cindy

  3. I’m not a fan of Chaput since I heard one of his sermons on the radio wherein he stated the jews were still the chosen people. I dont know where he was speaking. This is how the devil works. Confusion.

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