Br. Bugnolo: An appeal for those who can & My dreams for Jesus (July)

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I want to thank all who have and are supporting FromRome.Info, especially in this time of crisis, which has heavily impacted us all.

For that reason I am very thankful for all those who have continued to support FromRome.Info’s work nevertheless. Even without my asking.

As a Franciscan Brother, I live by begging, I do not have an income, retirement fund, savings account, insurance, or any other coverage. And I live month to month, having no benefactor to bankroll me, which is why I am so free to speak the unvarnished truth.

As a Franciscan consecrated to the Lord, all the support you give me goes to my works wherein I try to serve the cause of Jesus Christ and extend His Blessed Reign over the hearts of men, a work which is truly needed today, and which cannot  be done without exposing lies and injustices, wherever they are found, in Church or State.

This spring, by the Lord’s Providence, FromRome.Info has grown its readership many times over and remains the only electronic newspaper in the English-speaking world which has no fear to say the truth about the violation of Canon Law in regard to Pope Benedict’s Renunciation, not to mention about basic human rights of Catholics and citizens during the COVID-19 Stunt.

And so for those who can still help out, despite the grave economic problems caused by ignorant and careless leaders who have trashed the economies of their nations, I would ask you to remember FromRome.Info, when you can.


I dislike asking anyone to help me personally. I much prefer asking everyone to help advance the cause of Jesus Christ by works of mercy. For that reason, I will include here an appendix, to share with you my dreams for God, which I could accomplish or put into motion, if only I had some benefactors to support them:

  1. Defend persecuted Christians from being persecuted: through an international association of Catholics providing security and defense services to the most vulnerable. I have been working on this since 2016, but the work cannot go forwrds without investors: See Ordo Militaris Inc., for more information about this, especially the video page, if you like to watch some videos about it.
  2. Re-establish the teaching of Scholastic Theology, in the manner which Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Bonaventure studied it at the University of Paris, in the 13th century. For this purpose I founded here in Italy a non-profit, called The Scholasticum, and at their website you can read more about it. But since we never found backers for the institute, it has not yet become a reality.
  3. Establish a Catholic Political Party in Italy to take back Italy for Jesus Christ, that is, to liberate Italy from the Masonic nations which have controlled her in since the time of the Risorgimento. I call this party, “Italy for Italians“, and you can read more about it in Italian here.

So, if you think I am a dreamer, I confess that I am. For Jesus everything, even my dreams. And if any of these be His will, I know He will send those persons who can made them a reality.


Note: If you are wondering what is that flag behind my head, see here.

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6 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo: An appeal for those who can & My dreams for Jesus (July)”

  1. I appreciate your information, but make no mistake: Many of us have fought the good fight in many ways, and continue to do so, so don’t ever ask us for money. That is anathema to how the good guys operate. We can find sustenance without begging, though we have given to many beggars. But you are not one of them. It’s a Roman thing, in America.

    1. Dear Paul,

      I am a Franciscan brother. I did renounce all my money and inheritance. I do not have insurance. And if I do not beg each month, I would be dead by the end of the next month. Its a Franciscan thing, as Christ taught, “If you want to be My disciple, go and sell all that you have and give it to the poor, and then come and follow Me.”

      But I sense you feel that this article is directed personally to you. Please do not understand it that way. I understand that only some of my readers can and want to help me in my religious works. Don’t feel guilty if you do not want to help me or cannot help me.

      This purpose of the article is simply to inform those who regularly help me or who, being new readers, do not know what I am doing and want to do for the Lord. God bless.

      Br. Alexis Bugnolo

  2. You do good work Brother. All of us greatly appreciate your speaking the truth in no uncertain terms. Nowhere in the Catholic media world can such clear and courageous thinking be found. May God be with you always. Contribution on the way.

  3. There is nothing wrong to begging, that is part of your charisma, begging helps develop humility, it breaks the spirit of pride. Demons cannot tolerate acts of humility. I was once with the Augustinian order (never made the perpetual vows), we had to beg once per month since we were also a mendicant order, of course, most of the sustenance came from the offerings (collection basket) and from benefactors.

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