3 thoughts on “Now we must imitate the Ancient Roman Martyrs”

  1. Sobering and encouraging message! A priest told me I was tempting God if I didn’t wear a mask! He told me that he hoped none of my family died of Covid. I didn’t take offense at his statement because I know he believes the official government line about Covid. I just wondered how I could tempt God by not wearing a mask? I just don’t believe the official story. I actually believe wearing a mask is the first step to saying yes to the New World Order religion which is satanic. God knows our hearts and beliefs. Praying for us all who love God to be able to remain steadfast and not deny our Lord, ever.

  2. Agree with Fr. Hannon 100%: Yes, protest by not wearing a mask, but know you will be hated for doing this by many. I do wear a mask at Mass because that is the only way to enter and uniformed police have been hired to enforce the rules along with keeping real terrorists away.

    My bottom line on all of this. There should have been no lockdown, no masks, no social distancing which combined is economic suicide and the impoverishment of millions. Better to take all and any deaths as collateral damage to keep the economy going. Besides all that Covid is no more serious as a bad flu year. Accordingly, the government response was unnecessary and harmful. We can only conclude there are nefarious motives behind these actions.

  3. We can all start trying to bring the Church back to its original teachings pre Vatican II by doing some of these suggestions:

    1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to illuminate the Bishops to realize that current church leanings are anti Ten Commandments and border if not are heretical.
    2. Refuse to take communion in the hands even if it means not going to communion for a while. Do a spiritual communion. Better that than committing a sacrilege. If we all did this, the priests would start giving it on the tongue, when one day nobody would come to receive communion.
    3. Print a little card and deposit in the collection basket with this or similar text – “Nothing today until I can receive communion on the tongue while kneeling and come to church without a mask. I trust the Trinity, specially in Church. Jesus is in the Eucharist”. You can add other requests if you want, but one or two request at a time from all parishioners would make a point.
    4. Pray Our Lady’s Rosary every day, with the family if possible.

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