How the Nazi’s just established the 4th Reich

This explains how the agents of the fallen Third Reich, through their allies in Planned Parenthood (Gates) and international finance (Rockefeller) just pulled off the greatest MKUltra stunt on the whole world and enslaved your mind.

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4 thoughts on “How the Nazi’s just established the 4th Reich”

  1. I put a yellow Jewish star on a N-95 mask and just mentioned that I had done it, and the liberal members of my family went berserk. How dare I do that, I must be anti-semitic. Actually, the Jewish star was a double badge of shame and subjection. The mask that we must wear is a just a badge of subjection. Not wearing a mask is a badge of shame. So, I just put the two together. It makes complete sense to me.

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  3. And this is where we are all now!!! The United Stares Reality, next up for us are concentration camps!!! Implemented by the Gates foundation, Fauci amd the Globalists! Merry Christmas sleepy heads!!!

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