Live Q & A with Br. Bugnolo — Today

Today’s Q & A will be at 4 PM Rome time, which is 10 A.M. NYC time, or 2 A.M. Sydney time.

This session will be 1 hour long.

Don’t Miss the Live Q & A on Ordo Militaris Radio TV, about the Order, at 6 PM Rome time, today also, which will last 2 hours, and be only for those in the Order or interested in joining, volunteering or investing, via this link:

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2 thoughts on “Live Q & A with Br. Bugnolo — Today”

  1. Hello. Bro Bugnolo, I follow your videos and articles, I recently left a comment regarding Theodore Roosevelt. I have not seen a response. My objection was the Theodore Roosevelt was not a good man. The reason is his expression of Ameerican imperialism. He prolonged the Spanish American War so that the Philippines could be conquered. As president he signed legislation disestablishing the Catholic Church and forcing it to sell Church land. The persecution of the Filipino people was brutal.

    I cited historical evidence in my post. May I ask your to correct the historical record?

    One reason, is that at the same time, the American Heresy was influential in the USA. The Irish hierarchy of that time and for decades later was, quite frankly, prejudiced against the local Hispanic clergy.

    The American heresy had a racial or cultural element.

    Also, what do I need to do a response to my post?

    Thank you.

    1. Roosevelt was not a Catholic nor a saint. In such cases a man can be praised only in part. that was the purpose of the Video, and it was clearly stated therein.

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