Surprise! – The man the NWO claims is the pope is working to destroy you

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3 thoughts on “Surprise! – The man the NWO claims is the pope is working to destroy you”

  1. Here are some suggestions.
    1. Pray to Our Lady to illuminate the Bishops to realize that current church leanings are anti Ten Commandments and border, if not are, heretical.
    2. Refuse to take communion in the hands even if it means not going to communion for a while. Do a spiritual communion. Better that than committing a sacrilege. If we all did this, the priests would start giving it on the tongue, when one day nobody would come to receive communion.
    3. Print a little card and deposit in the collection basket with this or similar text – “Nothing today until I can receive communion on the tongue while kneeling and come to church without a mask. I trust the Trinity, specially in Church. Jesus is in the Eucharist”. You can add other requests if you want, but one or two request at a time from all parishioners would make a point.
    4. Pray the Rosary every day, with the family if possible.

    1. You’re not going to get Holy Communion on the tongue at most NO parishes. Find an SSPX chapel or attend the nearest Catholic Eastern rite Divine Liturgy.

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