3 thoughts on “Bill Gates: Everyone has to get Vaccinated!”

  1. All the flailing, all the railing, all the wailing! Aw, com’on,.Bill. We’re not buying it! History buffs know full-blown megalomania when they see it. Take for example Robespierre’s mandated “Cult of the Supreme Being” :
    In the mind of the people, Robespierre created a virtual equivalency between the Grand Architect Overlord and himself… a symbiotic union between the object of worship (cult statue) and the “high priest” conducting the services. Robespierre’s new “religion of public virtue” was used as a weapon to maintain public power, to denounce all enemies, and to necessitate “the only justice.” Crazed mobs and revolutionaries ransacked NOTRE DAME and other cathedrals. Dozens of statues of the saints were smashed or publicly decapitated, making a caricature of the guillotining of human “enemies of the state” on the nearby Place de la Concorde (“place of peace”).
    Take John Calvin, who with pastors and lay “elders” formed a ubiquitous spy network and a star chamber “consistory” with power over life and death decisions. In the name of salvation, theaters and taverns were closed, signing and dancing forbidden, rigid social and religious laws enforced with burnings, torture, imprisonment, even crucifixions.

    Long ago, St.John warned of the breaking of the second seal: “A red horse appeared and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him…”

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