Briggs carpet bombs the Hoax Pandemic

There are so many truth bombs in this article, it is mind-blowing…

Statistician to the Stars!

Coronavirus Update XXV: The Suppression Of Hydroxychloroquine & Other Conspiracies

The first section of this are fun conspiracies to highlight the political crisis. The second section are the numbers showing the medical crisis is over. The third section discusses the the future of the asinine political crisis.

Shhh, Don’t Tell Anybody

It’s conspiracy theory week. Recall when reading that scientists tell us not all theories are false.

My contacts haven’t been idle, but then they are always busy. Nevertheless, we’ve all seen videos galore of twerking nurses and doctors frolicking in empty wards. Perhaps lulls between surges and blowing off steam. Then. Now? Likely this fellow’s observation is true.

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