Theodore Shoebat: Catholics who defend Pedo Clergy are part of the Cancer in the Church

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4 thoughts on “Theodore Shoebat: Catholics who defend Pedo Clergy are part of the Cancer in the Church”

  1. Some of us are not newbies to Catholicism like you.

    What you see in the church is the result of V2. Weak men in the church Who either Didn’t know how to deal with the homosexual predators which took over, or they were part of them.

    Parishioners are powerless against the Gay Mafia. It would be like you standing up to the Black Hand. Ain’t gonna happen.

    It is our job to remain in the state of Grace, pray, fast and trust in the Lord.

    Listen, because God may be calling on you. He Is the one who is control here. He uses us as His instruments. Be prepared so when he does call, you are well prepared.

  2. Excellent heartfelt witness about the homosexual and pedophile corruption in the Catholic Church. The surprise, the only surprise, were the comments about Michael Voris who refused to air Shoebat’s on video on his Vortex program.

    Does anyone have a possible explanation for Voris’s behavior? Before proceeding we would have to know the date Voris rejected this video as my perception is that he would run it now as he is so outspoken about homosexuality in the priesthood.

    1. No Idea, however, for legal reasons, it is very risky to publish a video on such matters, without extensive verification of the facts, because one assumes liability for broadcast. Theodore has great zeal, but in the US legal system zeal does not count for anything. Look at what happened to Project Veritas.

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