4 thoughts on “The Vaccine will make you a GMO creature”

  1. “We have the right to resist when there is risk”: excellent point, extending from vaccines to ventilators, masks, and mandates from the Lavender Mafia.

  2. This is one of the best compilations I’ve seen of why we should do everything possible to avoid being vaccinated. The documents he recommends we give to anyone who might vaccinate us are excellent in their logic and brevity.

    The only problem is that he seems to presume we know exactly who those people might be trying to jab us, and also their good will. If I was on the other side, I’d see these as red flags, and my job might require I report anyone who gave me one of these, for ‘re-education’ or worse.

    There must be a better way to stay under the radar for as long as possible.

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