Italian Government makes secret Technical Committee’s discussion on COVID-19 response

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The video above is in Italian. But due to the historic significance of the topic, I will summarize here in English.

Diego Fusaro is a leading commentator on corruption in the government and Church, through professing to be himself a Marxist.

In this video, he responds to the decision of Giuseppe Conte to make a state secret the transcripts of the discussions of the Technical-Scientific Committee which the Italian Government claimed was the source of the counsels upon which they based their response to COVID-19.

Fusaro, summarizing, says, having obtained a copy of the transcripts:

  • Italians should read the transcripts, seeing that Conte justified their being made a state secret on the basis of his fear of public disorders if their contents should be made public.
  • The most natural reaction upon reading these documents is rage at what they contain.
  • I see no reference in the discussions of this Committee that the nation be locked down.
  • Where are the missing pages?
  • The Committee never recommended a lock down.
  • The transcript of March 30 called for a return to normality. But the Government has kept the controls for months on end.
  • There is no discussion found in the documents released regarding the quarantine zones around Bergamo.
  • Conte now has to explain upon what basis he locked down the nation and ruined the economy if no scientists ever recommended to him to take this course…
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