3 thoughts on “Cardinal Zen: All the evidence is that the Vatican has been taken over by the CCP”

  1. We can always look to Frank Walker to give us the unvarnished truth. The problem is only a few listen and fewer believe it. Frank needs more exposure. So thanks for bringing Frank to us Br. Alexis.

  2. Mr.Walker is so right. “All they have to do is declare an emergency and then rule by fiat.” I could understand if we still lived in the Bronze Age. but cannot fathom how folks today have fallen so fast into lockstep and lockdown and irrational lunacy. The virtually blindfolded and voluntarily masked many seem to have rejected or ignored all the lessons of Bible history and basics of world history, preferring to live safely distanced in the “soma” sanitarium which is (Huxley’s) brave new world.

  3. I think that the Red Chinese leadership got more for their 2 Billion than we will probably ever know. “Francis, we want you to shut down the Sunday Masses worldwide.” “Okay, boss.”

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